Libra Woman – Cancer Man

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Libras are such lovely women, angelic even.  Their smile can melt the hardest heart, their voice sounds like church bells on Sunday, and their Venus beauty is like that of a fragrant peony.  The first time that the Cancer man sees her, he will be overwhelmed, and he will want her madly.  Cancer men have a very good sense of humor, so he will use this to the best of his ability to impress her.  She does appreciate it.  After he gets to know her, he will find that on top of all of her velvety beauty she is actually very intelligent as well.  He learns that she is fair and level headed.   He sees a true partner in her.

She is quite taken with him as well.  She loves people and parties making her well rounded with knowing all different types of men, most of which have done nothing to impress her.  They were rude, chauvinistic, loud, and demanding.  They looked at her only as a soft woman, but she is just as powerful as they are.  Then she met her Cancer who is full of emotion, charm, intelligence, and humor.  He makes her feel like the intelligent and feminine woman that she truly is.  She feels safe and secure with her protective gentlemen.  He understands the ups and downs of her scales because his moods are very up and down himself.  This gives them sympathy for one another that creates a beautiful tranquility between them.

One thing before marriage happens between these two is that she must impress his mother.  He may also want to get further in his career before walking down the aisle.  He loves her so much, but the Crab always looks both ways before crossing any road.  He truly worries that he will not be able to care for her, and marriage will not happen without a solid foundation for both of them.  She will not like his hesitation on the subject no matter what the reason.  She may start to withhold physicality, or try to make him jealous when they are out.  They will work.  When he grants her what she is looking for, her sweet cotton candy smile will come back.  A word of caution to my Libra ladies; if he feels as though her manipulation is coming from a place of mal intent; he will crawl into his shell and not come out.  You don’t want a cranky crab on your hands.  He has always been safe, smart, and sensitive.  Now he has this beautiful angel is telling him to be careless and impulsive which makes him very frustrated.  She must learn how to be patient with her sensitive man.  She must show him that her intentions are coming from a pure place of love.

One thing that will make her crazy is his crankiness to how social she can be.  People are attracted to her naturally beautiful aura.  This will make him very protective of her.  She may feel smothered at times, and not answer every one of his calls.  She knows how much she needs his security though, and will always be understanding of his needs.  He makes her life sweet and simple.  She just must understand that this man has many worries and fears even if he doesn’t tell you about them.  It is just hard for him to be so open and honest about everything like she is.

When they make love to one another he will tell her stop thinking, and start feeling.  He will let all of his fears and worries blow away when he is with her intimately.  It is as though she is a cherry blossom floating down a cool and gentle stream.  There is not any room for anything else than pure and innocent happiness.  Their passion can come and go, but it will always come back.

These two have differences especially when it comes to the idea of something being permanent.  If they can just use them to pull them together instead of apart, they will find a beautiful peaceful love.  If she uses her fairness to see both sides, this will help them succeed.  These two are not ones for compromising much because they are both Cardinal signs.  They both want to lead.  If they can hold hands and lead together, that is when they will find harmony.  She needs him to remind her how cherished and beautiful she really is.  She is ahead of him on the karmic wheel, and will therefore have much to teach him.  She will love his naivety towards those things though.  Even when they are apart she will feel her hand in his, or smell her delicate fragrance on his shirt from their embrace earlier in the morning.  When they find their way back home to each other he will be waiting for her on the stoop with sweet pink cotton candy that reminds him so much of the woman he loves.  He will then charm her with his beautiful humor, and her chiming laugh will ring in the air.  They will both remember why they fell in love all over again.

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