The Leo Woman



The Leo Woman


The Leo woman is no wall flower; she is a bright bold sunflower.  This woman usually tends to be very popular.  She is an easy person to be around, and people are just drawn to her and her bright personality.  She is regal, she is royal, and she is the Queen of the jungle.  She is usually the leader of her group of friends.  She leads with her beautiful smile, and her warm heart.  When you meet a Leo woman it is almost as though you know she was born to rule, and you don’t mind it because you want to be around her cheery personality.  She is vivacious, graceful, beautiful, clever, and sexy.  If you are not a confident person you will have a hard time being friends with a woman like this.  To be around her takes a confident being.

The Lioness is not one to be turned into a docile pushed around person.  If you are a man who is looking to date this female, don’t expect her to bend to every single one of your wishes.  If she meets you half way you should consider yourself lucky, because she is selective in her mate.  She definitely has high standards.  She is royalty after all.  Her big soft eyes will bat in affection to you when she is happy, but the moment she is no longer the center of your affections her claws will come out.  They are too dignified to take any crap from anyone.  She may hide her claws, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t sharpening them, so make her the apple of your eye.

Leo women tend to be very athletic.  They tend to like sports, but if you are taking her on a date the ballet would be better than the ball field.  She also expects a wonderful dinner afterwards somewhere nice, not the local diner.  It is not that this woman cares about money, but she just wants to be treated like the Queen that she is.  Even the poorest Leo woman in the world still has regal touches and warmth in her home.  If you show up looking shabby, and offer to take her to McDonalds, you haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell.

Don’t get upset with her for her for her occasional arrogance, it is just in her nature to feel special… and she is.  People don’t usually mind this one trait of hers, because Leo women tend to be the most generous and warm hearted women you will ever meet.  She has wonderful compassion for children, and those that are less fortunate than her.  She is so entertaining, smart, gracious, funny, dazzling, and yet so feminine all at the same time. That is what makes her so royal.  If you compliment her it will get you very far.  It is what makes this Lioness purr.

If you try to confine this woman, it is a very sad site.  It is like when you go to the zoo and you see the beautiful cat pacing so sadly back and forth between its small walls.  She cannot be with someone that constricts her larger than life personality.  She needs to run around the jungle for her to be truly happy.  She will want a career, and a life, and her friends…. let her have all of them or her sparkle will die.

She makes one hell of a wife.  She will always be dressed to impress, and make you proud to be with.  She will spend money on cosmetics and creams to make sure she always looks her absolute best.  Leos love to feel pampered, and the salon will be somewhere she frequents.  Sometimes they have a hard time saving because their money goes to dinners, drinks, clothes, and makeup.  These women always need to feel like 100%.  Her taste can tend to be expensive, but it is impeccable.  She’s not the one in the cheap hot pink and ruffled get-up; she’s the one in a cashmere suit. 

The Leo woman makes one incredible hostess.  She will love to throw beautiful dinner parties for all of her friends.  If you bring your boss home for dinner, he will think you married an absolute gem. Both men and woman love her and her sunny personality.  She also makes a very affectionate and loving mother.  She will have a hard time seeing any of their imperfections, but she will have her moments of strictness.  She will play with them, spoil them, and have long conversations about their day.  She will be very proud of them, but they will be expected to be very polite.  If someone offends one of her children I fear for them.  This woman is serious about her children, because they are a product of her.  You would be better off spitting in her face.  She will probably work and raise the kids at the same time, and do a knock-up job at balancing both.

She will have her moments here and there where she will enjoy a crude joke, but for the most part she will find stranger’s off colored comments distasteful.  She will joke with those she knows, but anyone else that comes in unwelcome is just another commoner. Even though she is loved by all, she is very loyal.  Let me rephrase that;  she is loyal for as long as you are.  Yes, it may get tiring that she is always the center of all male and female attention, but her flirtations are harmless if you are her man.  This woman enjoys feeling desired not only by the one she loves, but by everyone that surrounds her. 

You don’t ever want to smother a Leo, but you do want to boost her ego.  She is after all such a beautiful friend to you that you wouldn’t want to lose her just like you wouldn’t want to lose a brick of gold.  If this woman is your friend, lover, or both; pat yourself on the back.  Acquiring a Leo is a very precious thing.

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