Leo Woman – Aries Man

aries, leo

Leo women are proud; after all they are the Queens of the Zodiac. Their bright fiery personalities demand and get all of the attention of any room they walk in to.  They can be quite demanding, and sometimes a royal pain in the butt.  However, when it comes to an Aries man she will somehow back down to this fiery leader and let someone else in her life rule besides herself.  This Fire – Fire combination is truly a match made in heaven.

They will love to shower each other in gifts and attention.  He will be proud to bring his extravagant woman around to meet everyone he knows.  She definitely adds a lot of value to him!  She makes him look like a king.  Men will wonder how he captured such a beautiful woman, and he will love that everyone wants what he has.  When you tell an Aries man that he cannot have something, he wants it 10 times more.  She will always keep him wanting her always.  He finally has met someone that is as amazing as he is.


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