Libra Woman – Aquarius Man

aquarius, libra


For the sake of keeping the peace, these two will need to find out early on who is the leader and who is the follower.  Yes my beautiful Cardinal Libra, you need to remember that you are the woman in this relationship, and although your Cardinal sign makes you a natural leader you will have to let your man lead… or at least let him think he is.  He will be overcome with your dimples and sugary sweet charm, but don’t think you can fool him for too long.  This man is smart, and he is also stubborn.  He is after all a Fixed sign.  If he believes he is right about something don’t even waste your time on trying to change his mind.  This man will never go off the path of what is RIGHT and JUST.  Even if this means it is not fair.  She is the FAIR one.  These two Air Signs are extremely compatible, but they must find what their definition of fair is together. 


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