Quotes for Your Sun Sign

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Who doesn’t love a good quote now and again?  Sometimes hearing a good quote can give you new motivation at just the right time.  Below are some of my favorite quotes specifically for your Sun Sign.  They display the true text book description of every sign.
 Aries are the first fire sign in the Zodiac.  They are head strong, somewhat selfish, but always very giving.  They definitely have a fiery personality!
 Taurus’ patience always impresses me.  It is one of their most loved virtues that they possess.   They have calm and mellow souls that take action when the time is just right.
 Geminis are the butterflies of the Zodiac.  They have a beautiful light personality, and they are always up for a good time. You never know what side of Gemini you are going to see in a Day.  These people will always keep you guessing.
 Cancers are reserved at first because of their sensitive souls, but once you get to know these people it is a real treat.
 The royal Leo, Queen of the Zodiac is warm hearted and loved by all.  Leos have a golden sparkling aura that is hard to miss.  You know when a Leo walks into a room!
 My critical yet kind hearted Virgoans are always making sure everything is perfect.  When they let loose its a real surprise, but you can always count on these people to stay in line.
 Libras are some of the most beautiful people in the Zodiac.  They are a perfect balance between hard and soft.  That is why this quote is so perfect; she’s an absolute lady but watch out for her bite.
 Scorpios are the detectives of the Zodiac.  You can’t hide much from their penetrating eyes.  They love to know everything, but do not reveal secrets about themselves in fear of vulnerability.  Knowledge is power.
Sagittarius are the travelers of the Zodiac.  These free spirited and outspoken people are always ready for whatever is next.  They love a good time.
Capricorns are the climbers of the Zodiac.  They are always pushing themselves to knew heights.  They work hard to get where they want to be whether it be socially or career wise.
 Aquarius is the unconventional sign of the Zodiac.  These quirky souls never follow anyone’s lead.  They love doing things their own way, they are definitely not sheep.  They are random and yet totally brilliant, and they love to shock people.
Pisces are the dreamers of the Zodiac.  They are constantly going off into their own dream worlds away from reality.  These people make some of the best entrepreneurs.  They tend to have an old soul, because they have traveled through all 12 signs.


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