The Cancer Man

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The Cancer Man

cancer, Featured

You would never call this emotional man a thoughtless speaker or someone who is forgetful.  He will never open up to anyone right away.  Getting to know this one takes some time.  If you meet him when he is in one of his bad moods, you may never want to get to know him.  Give him some time, because this man is quite a gem.

He has many moods that you will get to see the longer you know him.  He is charming, indecisive, loyal, sensitive, tender, yet gruff.  Just like every Cancer his laugh his enough to make anyone laugh right along with them.  You may not even know what he is laughing about, but when he starts you can’t help but laugh right along too.  He is cautious and so intelligent.  He will say things that often leave you thinking, “How the hell did he know that?”  Sometimes he will be negative, but just hang in there because just like the tide his mood will change to positivity soon.  He doesn’t have a change of personality like a Gemini, he has lunar moods.  They are very different.  Even if he is having a bad day and he can act cranky and gruff, this man’s heart is always sweet and sensitive.  This soft heart of his can make him feel vulnerable at times which may make him retreat into his shell.  He can be blue or bright, it just depends on the day.  Reassure him a thousand times that you are his and you will see the bright more often.

Sometimes he can act a little loony.  This is where he gets his great sense of humor.  He will say something so romantic and thoughtful and then follow it right up with a joke.  He is also very good with his dollars.  You will never have to worry about rent being paid on time with this man.  He loves security more than anything.  He will pursue money in a quiet and consistent way to get his base built that he wants for you and his future family.  This is crucial to him.   He is typically a saver, not a spender.  They don’t want the cash for status; they just love the stability it brings.  Before you get irritated with him and call him a tightwad, know that his intentions are there for you too. 

You may be thinking that this guy doesn’t like the finer things in life, you’re wrong.  He likes the finer things if there is also practicality behind them.  For example; he would rather go and spend money at Ruth’s Chris for a good steak than waste it on a place where their medium rare is charred to a hockey puck.  He would rather buy a dependable Cadillac than a used junker that lasts 6 months.  He would rather buy you a large diamond than a small one because it will go up in value over the years.  See, he isn’t such a tightwad after all, just smart with his dollars.  His style is not too flashy, but there is always something very refined about this man.  He will find his suits that are well fit but on sale.  He may not always be wealthy, but he will never be out of a job.  Work ethic and making money is something engrained in their very beings. 

I hope you like his mother…  I really do.  In fact I hope she likes YOU.  She will come up in conversation often.  He may even at times compare you to her at times.  Don’t get irritated by this, it’s just in his nature.  As I explained in a previous article about The Cancer Child, she has protected him from a young age and he therefore admires her than most understand.  It is not easy to compete and encourage at the same time, but this is exactly what you will have to do with his mom.  It is a lot like how Trey and Charlotte’s relationship was like from the show Sex and the City.  She stood her ground while still letting Bunny be a part of Trey’s life.  He’ll love when you two get along nicely, so try your best.  He loves to be babied by women no matter how big a man he is.  A word of advice to him though… he needs to make sure that he eventually learns to put his significant other before his mommy, or the relationship will really end up like Charlotte and Trey’s… there won’t be one. 

He may surprise you with what a great cook he is.  If he makes you dinner, that means he is getting very serious about the relationship.  He is cultured and quite the gentlemen, that is until you stop being a lady.  If you ask him about his family on a date, he will love to talk about all of them.  Family and home life is very important to Cancers.  Photography runs in Cancer veins.  Most of them love to take pictures, so don’t be shy when the camera comes out.  It is not easy for him to find a woman that is worthy of his time, but when he does he will be beautifully sentimental and admiring.  This is rare though because Cancers do not like to be burned.  Therefore, they are very careful when picking a mate.  If you do burn hum, he will carry that pain for many years.  They do not rush into anything because of this reason.  Once they have carefully decided that they want you for their own it is almost as though a light switch goes on overnight.  Once you are his it is hard to get out of his claw like grip.  He will overflow your life. 

As a father he will do a hell of a job.  He will be very involved with his children in every way possible.  Just like Cancer women, they love family life and it means everything to them.  He will be interested in everything they do.  He will be protective of his daughter and very proud of his son.  He will be involved with their schooling and decisions that they make in life.   He may be a little clingy to them though when they start growing up and could even get upset when they start to really spread their wings.  He’ll be the one up late worrying when his kid is five minutes past their curfew.  He will pace the floor until he sees the headlights in the driveway. 

That’s all in the future… let’s talk about right now.  If you ever feel like this man is taking his sweet time in popping the question making him jealous is actually not a terrible way to go about fixing that problem.  These men take a while when making such a huge commitment because they want to make sure everything is all in line and secure.  What he doesn’t understand is that he always seems to find excuse after excuse to hold off.  If he sees that his hesitation is pushing you to be interested in dating another man, he will lock you down in a heartbeat.  That does not work for most men, but for this one it very well could.  I am not telling you to go and flirt with your next door neighbor, but remind him that you love him no matter what his financial situation.  Take care of him when he’s sick, cook him his favorite meal often, always be feminine and loving and one day he will randomly ask you to meet his mother.  That’s a big deal.  The most beautiful woman is one that is loved, and this man will love you to your core.  Maybe that’s why you’ve been getting so many compliments lately.  

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