Capricorn Sun – Sagittarius Rising

capricorn, sagittarius

These Fire Earth combos can be known for their leadership and organizational skills.  You are definitely a Capricorn with all of your steadiness and practicality, but you definitely have a wild streak in there too.  This combination will have a hard time slowing down things in their life, they always are wanting more.  Capricorn is all about knowledge and plans, Sagittarius is all about resolving things and justice.  You may get that Sagittarius mouth that causes you to shock people with things that you say.  Sagittarius gives you the vision of where you want to go and your Capricorn Sun Sign will get you there.  Sometimes Capricorns can be a little negative and gloomy, but lucky for you you will have that Sagittarian fire that lightens you up a bit.  It may even cause you to have a better sense of humor than your Capricorn peers.


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