The Taurus Woman


When you meet a Taurus woman, you will notice that her presence demands a sort of quiet respect.  She does not need the attention like the Leo Woman does, but her calm and sensual aura will attract many to her.  She doesn’t need to cry to get her way, she just uses her practicality and honesty.  This Taurus is all woman, so if you want to date her you need to be a good and solid man.  She won’t settle for anything less, because she knows exactly who she is.  You will never meet someone with more self control than this woman.  She does things slow and practical.  Even the way she moves is not sharp and quick.

She will be pretty “normal” to a person that has just met her, but take a look at her friends.  They are usually pretty wild and crazy.  Most of them are very strange as well.  Why do you think that is?  This woman takes people for how they are, and even enjoys their nuances and individuality.  She is patient with everyone, and enjoys being pulled out from her cool exterior every once in a while.  She surrounds herself with REAL people, money and fame are not a prerequisite for the people she loves.  She is loyal, and she respects the same back in return for whomever she blesses her loyalty with.

Her anger is something to talk about, but not to really concern yourself with.  She is very slow to anger.  If you upset a Taurus you must have done something really terrible.  When she does reach her breaking point, it’s enough to scare even a Scorpio straight out of their skin.  She is all about practicality, and doesn’t care to sit and ponder the economic policy.  If you want to get this woman talking and interested, converse about something practical and logical.  If you try to impress her with how smart you are it will not work.  She values common sense over intelligence every time.

This woman loves tangible things.  You will rarely see fake flowers or fake art in her house.  She is all about the senses.  She will always smell incredible, and will have impeccable taste in music.  She loves scent… it is probably her favorite sense.  Make sure that you are always smelling fresh around your Taurus woman, she will notice.  She loves the smell of fresh baked cookies, cut grass, and leather.  She loves color too, although I would stay away from red.  As I explained in How to Spot a Taurus, you will rarely find any shade of crimson in the Bull’s home.  Stick to pastels and earth tones. She will love the taste of food.  Taurus, much like Cancer, love to eat.  Cancers eat for comfort, Taurus eats for the sense and taste.  Take her somewhere where the food is amazing.  She is actually one hell of a cook herself because of her keen sense of taste.  If you take her to a concert of a band you know she likes that is also big brownie points for this girl.  I don’t know one Taurus that does not like music.

This woman typically will pick practical and comfortable clothing over something loud and ridiculous.  Don’t be surprised to find her in yoga pants more than a tight mini skirt.  I bet you anything her bed feels like a cloud too.  Taurus take a lot of pride in how comfortable their bed is.  I dated a Taurus for a while and I literally called his bed “the cloud” because that’s exactly what it felt like.  If a Taurus takes care of you it will be with tea and a hot bath, two things they enjoy very much.  They will be wonderful mothers that are patient with their children.  When it comes to discipline, she will most likely be stubborn with her rules.  All Taurus are stubborn in one way or another.

They aren’t one for complaining or griping over small matters.  She may appear lazy because of her calm and slow movement, but she has work ethic for days.  Unlike Leo, they have no problem supporting a household on her own.  They do not want a weak needy man, but they can sure as hell can put the team on their back.

When something serious happens, she will put her practical face on.  Where others would stress and cry, she will crack a joke.  That is just how these women handle themselves, it is impressive.  She will want to marry someone strong and supportive who is sensible with their money.  She will not marry you for your money and will be strong for you in your darkest hour.  She will want you to be practical and let her surround herself in comfort by creating a tangibly appealing home.  They love security, so if you are a struggling artist you may want to find a Pisces because this woman would rather have a man at a starting position making 30k a year at a Fortune 500 company who can work their way through the ranks.

If you are looking for a wild girl who is unpredictable and loud, the Taurus woman is not for you.  She is steady, predictable, loyal, and comforting.  She is useful and loving, and will work hard with you to get to a secure and beautiful future.  She will create a warm and comfortable home you will never want to leave.

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