Virgo Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, virgo


Virgo Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, virgo

The first time he meets this woman he will think she is the smartest person in the world.  There is just something about her clear eyes that show her sharp mind.  He only wishes that he could be more open with her.  He is afraid to completely open up because she can be so critical at times.  The Cancer man may not seem sensitive at first, but I assure you that behind that hard shell is a very soft soul.  What he needs to also understand is how incredibly kind hearted she is as well.  Once he gets closer to her he will truly understand this.

You have to remember that each and every Cancer has moods that change with the waxing and waning of the moon.  I don’t know a Cancer that doesn’t love the night sky, and for good reason because their planet is the pearl that lights the night sky.  The moon can make you feel many things.  It can cast a creepy light and make you see shadows that aren’t there.  When there is a super moon in the sky it can leave you in total awe.  Sometimes it is a pale blue, sometimes a haunting orange, sometimes it even has a halo around it.  It can make a crisp winter night glitter when it’s moon beams hit the snow and make the ground look like it is covered in silver sparkles.  The moon has many sides to it, just like a Cancer man.  Some of his moods you may like more than others, but when you take this man for your own you take ALL of him.

When he talks to her about his feelings for the first time, he will be nervous but pleasantly surprised.  She will not interrupt or get emotional.  She will just be understanding, which is exactly what he needs.  Her earthly steadiness will make him feel comfortable and calm.  She will bring a certain peace to him that he will find very sweet and enjoyable.   When he is feeling out of sorts, her analytical mind will organize his thoughts for him, and help him put life into the proper perspective.

They have many morals that are the same.  They are both very hard workers, they are both honest, and dependable.  She will be very predictable, and he will not… this can cause problems.  His moods are enough to drive her crazy.  She will handle them with patience like any true Earth sign would, but they can ware on her.   She does love how careful he is to make decisions, but he is careful out of fear.  She is careful out of analytical reasoning.  One is emotional and one is practical.  There is nothing wrong with how either one of these people deal with decisions, that is just how they do things. 

They will love home life together very much.  He will love to do things around the house, and she will love to keep the home comfortable and tidy.  They will both love to cook.  They are both smart with their money which will also bring harmony.  He will be possessive of his Virgo woman, especially when she gets wrapped up at work and forgets to make it to dinner with him.  He is a water sign after all, we like to keep our loved ones very close.  She will definitely be the talker out of the two of them, but he will be running the show behind the curtains.  She is a Mutable Sign and he is Cardinal.  Cancer gently leads, which will not offend this Virgoan angel.  He is a gentleman, and will guide her with his lunar charm.

When it comes to sex, things will be lovely.  Think about when water soaks into the earth.  It’s a beautiful and replenishing thing.  He will refresh her, and she will slow him down and give him purpose.  She can reach a beautiful flowery depth from him, because when you water Earth things start to grow.  Her love will grow deeper every time they make love.  Cancer men love deep and emotional sex.  Despite the fact that some may think she is cold, she is actually very tender and will be able to fulfill his emotional needs.

Most Cancer men are very hard workers, and she will love this about him.  However, just like every water sign, he may turn to alcohol or drugs as a release and she will not be very fond of this.  She will want him to be straight laced for the most part.  This can cause her to be very nagging.  He will be able to feel when she is upset though, so their arguments shouldn’t get too terrible.  When things get tough, he should just wrap her up in his arms and make her feel safe.  When a Virgo starts to really trust someone, you will see her delicate side that is so beautiful and bright.  These two will do just fine.  All you have to remember is to be sensitive yet practical all at the same time, then harmony will be reached.

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