Women Pop Star Astrological Sun Signs

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Ever wonder what your favorite pop stars astrological sign was?  Well wonder no more cause I got it covered for you.  These women have dominated the charts, paved the way for future artists, become strong activists and humanitarians, as well as giving us some unforgettable performances.  They have comforted us through breakups, sang our favorite love songs, and make some of the best “jamming with the windows down on full blast” songs ever.  Below are some of my favorite artists Sun Signs, as well as a little blurb about each of them.  Enjoy!
Lady GaGa
March 28, 1986
  This headstrong Aries woman is quite possibly the most well known pop artist in the world.  She speaks her mind and never apologizes for it.  Her wacky sense of style and fiery personality makes her who she is.  She uses her fame to launch her strong feelings on hot topics.  She is truly a warrior queen.


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