Famous Aquarius Actresses


There is a lot of incredible talent in this futuristic group.  The most recent, and very Aquarian like role, was Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games!  Don’t forget about Marisa Hartigay on Law and Order SVU (one of my personal favorites on a hungover Sunday), to Kerry Washington who dominates film and TV with her roles in Django Unchained and Scandal.  And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite Friend Jennifer Aniston, as well as the girl we all fell in love with Minnie Driver in one of my favorite movies of all time, Good Will Hunting.  Their quirky and fun personalities translate wonderfully on film as well as TV, because of their versatile yet honest personalities.  Enjoy getting to know which Water Bearers reign in Hollywood…

Kerry Washington
January 31, 1977
Heather Graham
January 29, 1970
Diane Lane
January 22, 1965
Alice Eve
February 6, 1982
Mena Suvari
February 13, 1979
Mischa Barton
January 24, 1986
Isla Fisher
February 3, 1976
Jennifer Aniston
February 11, 1969
Rose Leslie 
February 9, 1987
Natalie Dormer
February 11, 1982
Christina Ricci
February 12, 1980
Chloe Grace Moretz
February 10, 1997
Minnie Driver
January 31, 1970
Elizabeth Banks
February 10, 1974
Mariska Hargitay
January 23, 1964

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