Famous Capricorn Actresses


There is just something so raw and uncut about these women’s acting.  It makes sense considering Capricorns are Cardinal Earth signs.  Their hard work and determination in their roles has undoubtedly brought them to where they are.  From the ex wife, mother, and complicated role that January Jones plays in Mad Men to Noomi Rapace’s serious roles in Prometheus and Sweden’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; these women do serious cold roles with ease.  Enjoy getting to know which of these hard working women share the Capricorn sign…
Sienna Miller
December 28, 1981
Zooey Deschanel
January 17, 1980 
January Jones
January 5, 1978
Kate Bosworth
January 2, 1983
Kirstie Alley
January 12, 1951
Noomi Rapace
December 28, 1979
Alison Brie
December 29, 1982
Amanda Peet
January 11, 1972
Diane Keaton
January 5, 1946

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