Famous Fashion Designer’s Sun Signs

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Fashion is without a doubt art.  It is a way for people to express themselves with what they have on their body.  For hundreds of years people have used clothes as a way to express emotion, status, and culture.  There is so much to be said about what a person has on their body, because we as humans make first impressions.  The colors, fabric, and style of the clothing can reflect religion, mood, and can even tell a person what you represent without saying a word.  Below are some of the most noted fashion designers that have created clothing that have inspired masses.  I personally am a Tory Burch ho fo sho.  If I had money for some of these other designers, I am sure I would own some more.  I believe our astrological personality definitely sways our decision in fashion, as it does with these designers creation.  Have fun getting to know a bit more about these great talents…


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