Famous Taurus Actresses


Taurus women in Hollywood are a true gem considering most of them don’t necessarily need the spotlight, but they truly enjoy the art of acting.  They have played incredible TV roles like Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones and curvacious business woman Christina Hendricks in AMC’s Mad Men.  In movie roles we have seen true talent from Spiderman‘s sweetheart Kirsten Dunst, to Scarface‘s lover Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kill Bill‘s bad ass Uma Thurman.  These woman have conquered characters with their steady talent, and have created emotional ties to their movies and shows.  Enjoy getting to know Taurus’ leading Hollywood ladies…
Cate Blanchett
May 14, 1969
Penelope Cruz
April 28, 1974
Megan Fox
May 16, 1986
Christina Hendricks
May 3, 1975
Emilia Clarke 
May 1, 1987
(I have the biggest girl crush on her EVER)
Uma Thurman
April 29, 1970
Jessica Alba 
April 28, 1981
Amber Heard
April 22, 1986
Kirsten Dunst
April 30, 1982
Barbra Streisand
April 24, 1942
Michelle Pfeiffer
April 29, 1958
Malin Ackerman
May 12, 1978
Renée Zellweger
April 25, 1969  
Bridget Moynahan
April 28, 1970
 Jaime King
April 23, 1979
Lena Dunham
May 13, 1986

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