Leo Woman – Gemini Man

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 Every woman, especially a Leo woman, wants to be the exception to the rule.  If you have seen the movie “He’s just not that into you”, (clip below ) you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  She wants a man that is a guy’s guy, but can be sweet enough to woo her ego.  The thing with a Gemini is that this will be a huge task to accomplish with this man.  See he MAKES the rules in every game, and he doesn’t show his cards, at least not all of them.  Geminis are in constant need of change, new scenery, a new goal, and it may not always coincide with what you had in mind Miss Leo.  Geminis are here today, gone tomorrow.  They will make you laugh until you can’t breathe one day, serenade you with poems of your beauty another, and disappear off the face of the Earth the next.  Don’t worry, he’ll come back….. hopefully.  
This light hearted man cannot be with a woman that drags him down.  He is a social butterfly, and if you want him for your own you will have to get to really know what the word flexible truly means.  Most of the time, this relationship will end in friendship or love.  It can really go either way with these two.  If you want a relationship with this Gemini man you will have to find a way to lock him down.  This is not usually a problem the Leo woman ever has with any man; after all it is an HONOR to be with royalty like her in the first place.  She doesn’t chase after men, men chase after her.  However, there is just something about his charm that has her all caught up and not knowing what exactly to do.  She will have to show him that she is so much different than any other girl he has ever met.    She will make herself so special to him that he will think of her every time he sees the sunset because of the sunset picnic they went on, or every time he smells lilacs because it smells like his Leo’s perfume.  When the sun touches his skin and warms him it will remind him of her warm aura and his heart will start missing her.  Sometimes Gemini men need to FEEL things without being told to feel them.  This takes patience Leo, but it is worth it.  You have to truly make him understand how special you really are which is something a Leo woman is not used to doing.  Put your pride aside and realize he doesn’t do this on purpose; his mind is just always in a million places at once.
It may take some time, but one day it will hit him like a ton of bricks and he will start to realize that he doesn’t want to be without her warmth, and her huge heart.  If you ever upset your Leo lady, flattery will get you far.  Treat her like a queen, bring her flowers, and compliment the bangs she just decided to get and you might just get away with forgetting dinner was at 6 o’clock and not 8. 
One thing that will not bother him at all is the fact that when they are in a group setting the attention will always be on her.  They will actually make a great pair out on the town, because she is a shining golden gem that everyone is attracted to and he is one hell of a talker.  Together they will amuse and flatter their crowds of friends.  However, if he gets too chatty with another woman he will see her claws come out.  The Leo woman likes her man’s attention…. ALL of it.  In sex he will have to refrain from being lighthearted and aloof.  This woman likes passion in every sense of the way.  She wants candles and oils, and silk sheets……. oh my!  Show up both mentally and physically for you love sessions and you will be just fine Gemini.  She is a firecracker in the bedroom, and as we know air feeds fire SO FEED HER!  Sweep her right off her royal feet and carry her to the bedroom in an act of romantic passion.  That will get your Leos heart going, and will also make you realize how special what you two really have is.
My advice to these two is to have patience Leo.  You are taming a free bird to fly back to you.  He is a rare man that may take some coercion, but you must have patience.  All good things take time.  Don’t move to fast or you will scare him away.  Taming a Gemini to belong to you is no easy task, but if anyone can do it, it very well could be the Lioness.  He just takes some reminding of how special what he has is right in front of his faces face.  Gemini, realize that the woman you have in front of you is rare.  She will absolutely not wait for you forever so wise up and know that you will miss her if you take too long.  Otherwise, you will see a golden sunset one evening and miss her.  Maybe at that moment you decide it’s time to make her yours, I just hope when you call it’s not too late.  Don’t be afraid Gemini, she will still let you fly.

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