Leo Woman – Leo Man


To say that the Leo Man doesn’t like being upstaged is down playing it… a lot.  To a Leo woman, the role of being a stay at home mom is usually not enough for her.  She needs attention from people, and frequently.  I am not saying that being with her children does not give her fulfillment, but she is going to want more.  This woman is an absolute Queen, and getting down on her hands and knees to scrub the floor does not mix well with her freshly painted manicure you see.  Okay so let’s make it full circle…  If the Leo woman upstages her Leo man’s career in any way there could very well be some problems.  We will get there…

 Overall he will be very loving and protective of his Lioness counterpart.  She will love that they both have fun and outgoing personalities, and they will both have a lot of friends to hang out with.  He will be warm and generous; she will be bright and loving.  Together they will have straight sunshine coming out of their asses.  However, we need to get back to that whole career thing unfortunately.  Let’s break down the three situations.
  1. He makes more money than her when they first meet and it stays that way – Good
  2. He makes more money than her when they first meet, but then she makes more after time – Scary
  3. She makes more money than him when they first meet – Possibly not going to have a relationship
Sorry to my Leo ladies that are in that last situation.  If it does end up working out, he will make it his goal to make as much or more money than you soon. If this is not an issue for you and your Leo man, money will be nothin’ but a chicken wang to him.  He will gladly pay for things and spoil you as much as he possibly can.  
The difference between this relationship than any other one that the Lioness has been in is that she is not on top, she is not the one in charge, and she is certainly not always the one at the center of attention.  One of my best friends, a Leo lady, dated a Leo man for over 4 years.  The two of them were hilarious together.  The two of them were always in the spotlight wherever they went.  They were loved and adored by everyone they met.  You couldn’t meet them, separate or together, and just not fall in love.  They equally shared the spotlight as though they were on stage performing for their adoring fans.  Being that I am a Scorpio, my loyalty was with her through their breakup.  However, many of their friends remained close to both of them.  That’s the thing with Leos, they are hard to let go of.  You get addicted to their fun, warm, and bold personalities.  When you haven’t seen your Leo friend in a while, it is almost as though you haven’t seen the sun.  You miss them.  Apparently that is how these two Leos felt about each other, because they are currently working things out.  Even the sun gets cold apparently.  

One thing a Lioness should never do is anything to embarrass him or make him feel less of a man.  Leo men are MEN.  They will not appreciate being demeaned in any way.  The same goes for her.  She wants to be treated like a Queen.  If you treat her just like any other peasant girl, her claws come out.  Have you ever seen two cats fight?  It is not a pretty sight. 
One thing they should NOT do that Leos tend to do a lot is teach people lessons with jealousy.  Most Leo couples will make each other jealous by making the other believe that they are having a love affair with another person.  As we know, Leos are quite a jealous sign so this will not end pretty.  This smoke screen is merely an attempt to threaten the other person with this idea of infidelity, when the reality is that they are both lonely and missing one another.  My advice to you is to skip all that bull shit, and to just love one another.  After all, royalty would rarely even think about anything serious or long term with another peasant person.  
These two Fire Signs might not get much sleep in the bedroom.  Their sex will be something that no Earth, Air, or Water sign will ever understand.  There will be passion, affection, romance, and joy in their lovemaking.  She should let him be King in the bedroom, and he will do a great job of it.  They will worship and admire one another just like they should.  They represent the heart, and when you have two hearts as beautiful as a Leos can only be, sex will be as rich as red velvet cake.   
Sometimes honesty < pride can be a problem with this Sun Sign.  It can be hard for them to take their crown off and be humble with anyone, even each other.  Remember how I mentioned my friend and her Leo lover earlier?  Well I was thinking about him one day, and I thought, “I really like him, but I don’t really KNOW him.”  That is how it can be with Leos.  They are always performing, joking, and entertaining their admirers that they don’t have time to humble themselves to a peasant serious level. Therefore, it can even be hard for them to tell each other the way they feel in fear that the other one would not feel worthy of the other.  What you both need to remember is that a healthy and WHOLE relationship consists of being vulnerable with one another, and that means admitting flaws, feelings, and mistakes.  Yes, honesty can be embarrassing at times for the regal Leo, but there is also something so freeing about it as well that will only bring you closer to your counterpart.  Humiliation is better than a lifetime of loneliness.  Wouldn’t you agree? 
Love one another, complement each other every day, make your amazing love frequently, and stop hanging out with other peasants people to make the other jealous.  Recognize and be grateful that you have met someone as warm, beautiful, bold, and possess a heart of gold like you.  Rein the world together.  After all, it is yours…. we’re just living in it.  


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