The Aries Man


Want an exciting, dynamic, and wild time…. date an Aries man.  You will need to keep him interested and keep his attention with you which is not an easy task.  He gets bored easily and is always jumping from one thing to the next.  Their energy is enough to make you tired after a few hours.  Have you ever heard of someone saying that they need to take someone in doses?  That very well could be an Aries man.  He is definitely no wall flower, and has a bold and memorable personality.  One thing that may confuse you about him is how he can be so generous one moment, but so selfish the next.  Let me try to explain; he enjoys giving money to a complete stranger in need because Aries have a sweet and childlike heart, but think of a child and how selfish they are.  When they don’t get their way they throw a tantrum and can even become thoughtless.  They want things yesterday and don’t care to be around people they don’t like.  It’s nothing against the Aries, that’s just a part of their powerful personalities.

If you meet an Aries man that is 21 and are looking for a serious relationship, I would think again my dear.  Aries men take a while to mature and settle down.  They believe that the world is their oyster, and they have such a young and fresh perspective on life that marriage and children do not seem appealing to them until their later years.  When they find a girl they love, they will go into it head first and with no apprehensions.  They love with a fiery passion, and then when it fizzles out they pick themselves up and on to the next hot and heavy romance.  They don’t have a hard time letting things go and starting fresh. When they do really find the one woman that they want to share the rest of their life with they will be very faithful partners.  They expect the very same from you.  Flirtation with another man is in no way shape or form acceptable.  He may have had many casual flings in his life, but if you are his he will not accept anything casual from you.  To really lock this man down is quite a feat.  You can’t be too casual, but you can’t be too aggressive.  Let him lead the relationship, but once he has made you his don’t try to play hard to get or he will look for attention somewhere else. 

He loves romance as much as any woman does.  He wants the “happily ever after” ending just like in the fairy tales.  He will always have a child-like soul, and therefore romance and fairytale love must always be a part of your relationship.  If it fades, he will become very depressed.  He wants one true lasting love, but if you become someone that depresses him he will undoubtedly move on.  He wants a true lady by his side that he can be proud to be with, and that has a positive and cheery outlook on life.  He has a fiery and bold spirit that should never ever become small and weak because his partner is depressing him by trying to lower his spirit and flame.  He is a man’s man.  Don’t push him around, but be strong enough to not let him push you around.  Encourage his independence, but hinder his compulsiveness.  It is all about balance with this headstrong man. 

One thing that may drive you a little nuts is his constant need to always be right.  If this man apologizes for something, you may want to start preparing for the apocalypse.  I know that this trait can be maddening, but you have to remember that he has a child’s heart.  It is pretty much asking a little kid to say sorry.  Why even bother when you knew his intentions were pure?  If it causes a separation for a while, don’t fret.  Taking a break from an Aries man is not always a terrible thing because just like any fire, it needs air to breath.  Once you come back into each other’s arms, the passion will be as hot as when you first met.  The only thing I would strongly advise against is flirting or seeing another man to make him jealous in-between.  Although that may work with some men like the Cancer man, that will not work with the Ram.  These men want to be the only one your eyes see, and they are quite jealous.  What is a little maddening is that he can be quite a flirt at times without even knowing it.  This is just one thing you will have to turn your head to, because he honestly does not mean anything by it ESPECIALLY if it is well known that you are his princess.

This guys will probably be one hell of a businessman.  He has got ego for days and he is a natural born leader.  He loves being the leader all the time; in his relationships, at his job, with his friends, in his family…. everywhere.  Whenever he has had a bad day at work, or someone has hurt his feelings he will want you to baby him big time.  Behind the very big front that he puts on at work and everywhere else, is a sweet child that needs a hug every once in a while.  If you give him this undying support he will spoil you with love and material items that make you feel like a real life princess.  He will compliment and adore you like you are the only woman on the face of the planet.  Yes his temper may flare up from time to time, but he will come home later that day with the biggest bouquet of roses you have ever seen.  If you learn that his intentions are good, and if you can forgive and forget you will have a lasting relationship with him.
Once you have married him, I would be shocked if you ever had to worry about scraping pennies.  This man will always find a way to make money.  Like the Pisces male, they are very generous with giving their money away, and spoiling you and the ones they love.  As a father he will be ecstatic when the babies start arriving.  He will love playing with them when they are young.  As they mature he will be bossy with them, especially about their future.

If you end up with him forever, you will never be bored, you will always be taken care of, you will be spoiled, and you will be treated like a true princess right out of the fairytales you read as a child.  You will have a strong and bold partner for life.  His romance and passion will always be yours if you just remember to keep him on his toes.

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