The Cancer Woman

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The Cancer Woman

cancer, Featured

The Cancer woman can be as gentle as a turtle dove, she has a loony sense of humor, and she is one hell of a saver.  She can be as sad as the middle of the ocean on a cold dark night, or as happy as a clam.  She is beautifully unpredictably predictable.  The thing you need to understand about this woman is that there are sides to her that you may not understand or ever even see.  Just as though the moon is a beautiful pearl that lights up the night, the moon has a dark side too.  If you are falling in love with a Moon Goddess, you must understand this and fully embrace all of the different sides of her emotions.

This woman is good with money, really good with money.  The only time you will ever spend is after an emotional breakup where she will do some retail therapy, or take her dollars and go on a tropical vacation where the sun and sand wash away all of her sadness.  You don’t need to be a flashy man with loads of money to steal this girl’s heart, just a man that saves and knows how to save.  Financial security is important to her almost as much as emotional security.  Cancers value quality over quantity, so they aren’t quite the penny pinchers you may be thinking they are.  They will spend a little extra on something if they know it is going to last longer.  If you want to take her on a perfect date, bring her to a hole in the wall where the prices are good and the food is GREAT.  Somewhere that feels like a little cozy home away from home.  Then take her for a walk in the moonlight.  Cancer women look so beautiful in the moonlight.  There is something silvery about them that glows in the lunar light of her planet.  She will tend to be a little more alive in the evening as well.  I do not know many Cancer women or men that are morning people.

There is something shy sweet and so loving about this woman.  At times they can be very clingy which scares men right out of their pants.  What Cancer women need to remember is to let things happen as naturally as possible.  Sometimes the idea of marriage, children, and security fills her head to where she can’t think of anything else, but these Cancers are far and few in-between.  Cancer women are a Cardinal Sign; therefore they are natural born leaders.  They don’t lead aggressively like an Aries, but very gently.

This woman is extremely sensitive so make sure that you are filtering what you say around her.  I am not saying that you have to walk on eggshells, but she will not appreciate any type of criticism.  There is something slightly insecure about her nature no matter how incredible she is.  She needs reassurance in every area of her life, so complement her frequently and let her know that she is the best thing since sliced bread.   Don’t be afraid of her closed off personality at first.  She wears a shell to protect her delicate soul.  Make the first move with her without being overly aggressive.  The worst that can happen is that she will give you a little snap of her claw.  If you get past her shell, you will find a beautifully emotional, sensitive, and loving woman that will take care of you better than your own mother could.  

Speaking of family, if you get to meet hers take it VERY seriously.  Family is everything to Cancer, and it will be crucial that they love you for you to stick around. Cancer women rule family and children, and being a mother is a very natural role for her to take on.  She is incredible with children.  Don’t get jealous when your kids run to her every time they skin their knee, she is just so incredibly comforting.  She is also very protective of her children, and will use that hard shell to plow down anyone that ever messes with her most prized possessions.  She treats them like babies for as long as she possibly can because she enjoys mothering so very much.  Spoiling comes very naturally for her to do to her young ones, and they will always come home to her as much as possible when they are grown up and off to college.  She will love this of course.  Giving her son away to marry a woman may be one of the hardest things a Cancer woman ever has to do. 

If you want an incredible wife that can cook and take care of the kids all at the same time with ease, find yourself a Cancer woman.  This Crab knows how to cook possibly better than any other Sun Sign out there.  She will happily have dinner on the table for you by 6, as long as you make her feel completely loved.  Treat her like the goddess she is, and you will get more affection and loyalty than you could ever imagine.  When she falls in love, she loves forever.  It is very hard for her to get over heartbreak so please do not toy with this woman’s beautiful heart.  I promise you if you do karma will come back and bite you in the ass hard.  When she gets in a sad mood, just hold her hand and let her know you are there for her.  Sometimes she can be sad for days, but just be patient with her.  Just like the Moon’s waxing and waning cycles, she will come out of her shell and back into the sunshine. 

Most of them also have a really zany laugh.  She probably has one of those laughs that make you laugh even if you have no idea what she is laughing about.  Her sense of humor is great, and she can be a little strange at times especially when it comes to her stuff.  Some Cancer women need to be on an episode of hoarders, because they believe that everything has sentimental value to them therefore never throwing anything away.  If you ask her why she has an empty Coca-Cola can sitting on her book shelf, she will have an elaborate story of how it was her first soda with her grandpa when he took her to the Zoo in the summer of 1995.  Don’t look perplexed or make fun of her for it, just nod and say, “That is very sweet.”

This woman is magically possessive yet so gentle that you won’t even know she has cast her moonbeam spell on you.   She will make you laugh, cook you amazing food, and mother your children better than any other woman in the world.  Be sensitive with her depth of emotion, while making her feel secure with a daily load of kind words, and this mystical yet loony creature will be yours forever.  What more could anyone ask for? 

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