Capricorn Woman – Taurus Man

capricorn, taurus


Capricorn Woman – Taurus Man

capricorn, taurus

This guy will love how practical this Capricorn woman is.  Taurus will admire her for a multitude of reasons;  her independence, how dignified she is, her reservations, and how she makes him work for her love.  A Taurus man does not believe in having something if they didn’t have to work for it.  She won’t be able to keep herself from him long though.  She is not the most warm and fuzzy person you will ever meet, but her loyalty is like no other.  You have to understand that this woman is a Cardinal, feminine, negative, Earth sign.  Think about that for a second.  She doesn’t really want to completely dominate the person she is with, but she definitely needs to be the boss sometimes.

Once this woman makes a mistake, she will never do it again.  She is as tough as a brick.  It takes time breaking those Capricorn walls down that she builds so high around her very tender heart.  When she chooses a partner, she uses her heart and her head.  One wonderful thing about her, is that if she is wrong she will outwardly admit it.  Not only will she admit it, she will fix it.  Practicality runs in her blood.

The Taurus will love all of these things about her, even though most may find her a little cold.  They just have this natural chemistry that makes him work as hard as he can to win her heart.  This man has all the patience in the world which will work beautifully with her.  Once he makes it past her walls, and they decide to get married, she will make the most amazing wife.  Most people in their circle of friends may see her as all business, but he will know the side of her that is sweet and endearing.

Neither one of them will have a jealous bone in their body.  Cheating will be rare with these two, because they need security in a relationship as much as they need the air they breath.  IF it does happen, there will be no reconciling with either one of them.  Neither one of these signs have the patience for that.  They will walk away and not even think to look back.  To them is would not be practical to cry about something that was never even theirs to begin with.

When it comes to sex with these two, it is solid.  Taurus is very sensual in bed.  The tangible things are what excites him like how her skin feels, how her hair smells, how her kiss tastes will send him to the moon.  She brings out her sensual side as well, because she won’t be able to help herself.  She requires respect in the bedroom, which he will gladly do for her.  There is a still and silent sexiness about this woman that he can’t stay away from.  Fire signs are too bold, loud, and wild for him.  He prefers his women steady, earthly, slow and sensual like his Capricorn is.  Capricorn women are more able to separate feelings from sex than any other sign.  They are not comfortable with emotions, because it is a way to guard their heart.  Taurus will show her that his love is steady and true.  He will help her combine the physical with her emotions in a way that no one else may be able to do.

Once they start growing their own beautiful family, the house will never be empty.  Their house is where the holidays will be spent, giving them both beautiful memories.  These two are so good for each other in many ways.  Their years of being together will build an inseparable bond that nothing will break.

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