What House Do You Live In?

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Where you were at the exact time and place you took your first breath of life will never be there again in our lifetime.  That makes you and your personality 100% original.  For you to know where the houses lie in your chart, you will need to know your exact birth time.  The significant of each house of where your the planets in your chart land is incredibly important to know because it will help you understand upcoming Astrological transits in your life much better.
You can use your rising sign as the starting point, because your rising sign is always in the first house.  From there we count counterclockwise to see where the rest lie.  If a planet ends up in its own house, that makes that specific trait very powerful.  For example, if you are a Leo and your Sun (planet that Leo rules) is in the Fifth House (House that Leo rules), you will have extremely strong and almost overbearing Leo qualities to you.
First House
The first house is governed by Aries. It has everything to do with yourself.  This is also where your “Rising Sign” is located.  This is why your rising sign gives your Sun Sign a little spice.  It is how you are reflect yourself to others.
Second House
The second house is governed by Taurus.  It has a lot to do with material goods and finances.  It can also represent greed in some ways as well.
Third House
The third house is governed by Gemini.  It deals with communication and that persons surrounding environment.  It also connects with education.
Fourth House
The fourth house is governed by Cancer.  This ties in with the history of your family, as well as your home.  This touches on your childhood, and your emotions.
Fifth House
The fifth house is governed by Leo.  This talks about the kind of relationships you will have with your children, and well as your creativity and hobbies.
Sixth House
The sixth house is governed by Virgo. This house covers your every day life, and your pets.  It can also concern your health and well being.
Seventh House
The seventh house is governed by Libra. This is directly opposite of your first house, which is why it represents the other people in your life.  This is where you will see things that have to do with your relationships.   It will also tell you about marriage as well.
Eighth House
The eighth house is governed by Scorpio. This house regards death, sexuality, and life transformations.  This mysterious house will show you things that are most likely hidden.
Ninth House
The ninth house is governed by Sagittarius.  This house touches on spirituality, abstract concepts, and travel.  It is also related to law, and higher education.
Tenth House
The tenth house is governed by Capricorn.  This has everything to do with your professional career.
Eleventh House
The eleventh house is governed by Aquarius.  This house has to do with humanitarianism and the nature of that persons friends.
Twelfth House
The twelfth house is governed by Pisces. This will touch on life difficulties and secrets.  It can relate to illness, inner solitude, and inner battles.
There are also seven different chart types as well.  This also has a definite pull on your personality, and how you communicate with yourself.  For example the Splay type usually gives these people very individual personalities.  They also do not care for routine or discipline.  This is something else that I can determine by doing a personal reading for you.
I will never stop writing about the importance of your Sun Sign because it covers 80 to 90% of your personality.  However, getting to know that other percent is important to knowing yourself wholly.

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