I don’t know if you have ever checked my Pinterest out, but if you have you would know I am a fan of fashion.  Throughout history, women have used fashion to express themselves when they didn’t have a voice.  Their clothing were their way to speak without uttering a word.  You make automatic assumptions based on what someone is “like”, what they “do”, or how much money they “make” simply by looking at the clothes they have one their back.  Our bodies are the canvas, and fashion is the paint. 
Depending on our Sun Sign, we have a tendency to dress a certain way because of our natural desire to reflect ourselves through our clothing.  I thought it would be fun to talk about different styles that fit each Sun Sign. 
Aries enjoy making a bold and dramatic statement any chance they can get. They are strong women, so they can rock menswear like a pro. Their planet is Mars which is red; a color they look fantastic in.  Their perfect outfit is a perfectly tailored black suit, a crisp white shirt, and a bold red lip.
 These ladies are sophisticated, and take into consideration the material in what they wear.  They are all about the tangible so they enjoy soft fabrics.  Taurus loves high quality on sale.  They are ballers on a budget.  They will for sure have a lot of classic pieces in their closet.  Their perfect outfit is worn in jeans, a cashmere sweater, with a leather heel.
This youthful sign loves fashion that is bright and fun.  They can get away with all sorts of things like funky patters, neon, and layering.  Yellow is a good color for them to reflect their sunny disposition.  Their perfect outfit is a patterned dress, an over-sized hat, and neon heels.

These watery ladies love a traditional look.  Their style reflects femininity with dresses, skirts, and soft colors.  They love anything silver, and pearls look amazing on them.  Their perfect outfit is a powder blue baby doll dress, their grandmother’s heirloom pearls, cat-eyed sunnglasses, and cork wedges. 


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