Aries Woman – Sagittarius Man

Fire + Fire = More Fire … and that is just what these two combined create.  Being that they are the same element, there is an undoubted natural attraction between them.  They could be across the room from each other, and somehow find one another.  Although, he...

The Gemini Woman

This woman is a sprite.  Yes, like a fairy just flitting around and spreading sunshine everywhere she goes.  This of course is on Wednesdays; on Thursday she will be a dark and mysterious woman with an attitude the size of Texas.  Don’t even ask me...

The Libra Man

He thinks about everything.  This man is a Cardinal Air sign, meaning he is a leader and very intellectual.  He is so charming that escaping him is about as easy as getting out of Alcatraz.  He is so logical and intelligent that he can tell you why you...

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