Aries Woman – Sagittarius Man

aries, sagittarius


Aries Woman – Sagittarius Man

aries, sagittarius

Fire + Fire = More Fire

… and that is just what these two combined create.  Being that they are the same element, there is an undoubted natural attraction between them.  They could be across the room from each other, and somehow find one another.  Although, he makes himself hard to miss with that loud mouth of his, and she is no wallflower taking charge of a crowd in no time.   That is probably how will win her heart actually.  He will probably say something so ridiculous and loud with a shit eating grin on his face, that she will burst out into laughter and her heart will be hooked.  He will immediately love her childlike laugh and demanding presence that he will crave to get to know her more.  He appreciates that she loves his sense of humor seeing that some find it offensive.  It is not an easy feat by any means to tie a Sagittarius down, but if someone can do it with ease (and if he is ready to actually settle down) it will be an Aries.  She just gets him, when a lot of people don’t.

This woman is fierce, strong, and independent; but as I have mentioned before JEALOUS.  When a Sagittarius man is not ready to settle down, he will never be able to make his Aries woman completely happy.  Yes Sag, you love to be free and run wild, but don’t drag your Aries through the dirt behind you.  You will not be only hurting her, but yourself as well.  Take that as a warning to both of you.  The Archer may be able to string a Pisces along for a few months, but an Aries won’t stand for it one second.  Once you say you belong to your Aries woman, that means physically AND mentally.  So don’t let your Sagittarian mouth go flirting to the first pretty Libra that crosses your path, and bats her long eyelashes at you.  I promise that if you do, and your Aries finds out, you will be charred at the stake…

Anyways, now that we got that out of they way, let’s talk about how seriously awesome this match is!

When trust is formed in this relationship, it has the potential to last an eternity.  The sex and emotional stability they give one another is pure perfection.  Not to mention, they will be probably one of the most fun couples you will ever meet.  They are both friendly, warm, and open.  One thing they will love doing is talking about dreams and ideas that they have about life, love, and work.   You could put these two in a room with nothing in it, and they would never get bored.

She is innocence, and he loves to bring her childlike spirit on every adventure he takes.  He will bring her on many of them, seeing that he has a wanderlust spirit.  She will of course love this.  Traveling with your partner only bonds you closer, and they will feel this without a doubt.  Another bond they will form is the one they have sexually.  Their sex is harmonious, intense, and imaginative.  They will love to love each other as well as be loved by one another.

Sagittarius – Never make a promise you can’t keep, never give her a reason to be jealous, and appreciate her independence.  Aries – Embrace his free spirit, trust him with every beat of your fiery heart, and remember to have patience with him.  Do this and you will have laughter and love for eternity, that your fire for one another will never be replicable.

He will love her strength and tenacity, and he will make her laugh as though it was his sole purpose in life.  Their hunger for life and love with one another will be palpable to everyone around them.  When they meet, they will understand how life was a little dull before they were drawn together.  They light each others world in so many different ways, that they never even  knew existed.

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