The Gemini Woman



The Gemini Woman


This woman is a sprite.  Yes like a fairy just flitting around and spreading sunshine everywhere she goes.  This of course is on Wednesdays, on Thursday she will be a dark and mysterious woman with an attitude the size of Texas.  Don’t even ask me about Friday, I have no clue.  They are always spunky and interesting though, that is for sure.  It is almost impossible to be bored around this woman.  She will love you one minute, and hate you the next.  It’s not that she can’t make up her mind, she just has so many of them that flood her brain with different ideas and thoughts.  She is a Mutable Air Sign, and ruled by Mercury.  This means their minds are quick, and their mouths are usually moving. 

One of my best friends was born on June 7th, and she is as Gemini as they come.  She is an accountant, however one day she says she is going to quit school and become a nutritionist, then the next day she is going to move to California.  Her mind changes as much as one changes their underwear.  I also know a cocktail waitress that has actually not only named her alter ego Lady Penelope, but has tattooed a picture of her on her thigh.  I have only met her other personality once, and it’s when she is in a sassy mood or after a few cocktails.  Another one of my Gemini friends, as well as my dog’s Godmother, were out downtown one night and I watched her flirt with a guy that we are out with playing an ultra feminine damsel one minute, then asking who the hot chick bartender is the next.  Watching a Gemini’s personalities change is about as fun as going to the movies.  Grab some popcorn and just watch. 
Gemini women look at relationships as fun games.  They are excellent at playing games you see, and they find them very fun.  She has a bright and cheery personality that sparkles like yellow diamonds.  People are drawn to her fun and lite personality like a moth to the flame.  She plays the damsel in distress so well that men will be pining to come to her rescue.  She will be laughing inside when you come gallivanting to her rescue, which she didn’t actually need in the first place.  She just thought it would be fun to see if it worked.  She is not heartless by any means, quite the opposite.  She just likes to have a good time.  A great example of a Gemini woman like that was Marilyn Monroe.  There have been countless shows, movies, and documentaries with biased perspectives of who she really was.  That’s the thing people don’t understand though… she is all of them.  She is a true Gemini woman.  Another great Gemini to ponder is Angelina Jolie.  Is she a husband stealer, amazing mother, humanitarian, award winning actress, or sex goddess?  She is all of them.  Gemini women aren’t ever just one woman.  They are many women in the fleshly body of one.  So, if you are a guy who has a hard time staying faithful, a Gemini may be the right one for you.

Gemini women will tend to have many suitors in their life because their different personalities will find things that they need in different relationships.  So, if she settles down with you take it as a huge compliment.  She will be your best friend that will love to do everything under the Sun with you.  She will always keep you laughing with her quick mind and great sense of humor.  She loves change, where most despise it.  She sees it as a new adventure that almost calls to her inner being.  She is a beautiful friend, a hilarious hostess, and someone who changes their diet and religion until the day she ceases. She will be a wonderful mother, but hates days when she has to be a housewife, she will challenge you mentally, and adjust easily.  She will bake you a pie one minute, and be out on the street supporting women’s rights the next.  She is everything that you could imagine all wrapped into one human body.  Like I said, go make some popcorn and just sit back and enjoy the show.

This beautiful woman has so many hopes her beautiful lite heart, and so many thoughts in her ever expanding mind.  If you can keep up with her and help her sort through all of them, she will run through life with you forever.  She will always keep your life vibrant and bright.  Just hold her hand tightly or a wind of change may just pick her up and carry her off forever.

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