The Perfect Pup for your Sun Sign

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They are man’s best friend.  What would we do without our babies?  I have two myself.  Stitch, who is a one and a half year old Chiweenie that I am 99% sure smokes crack while I’m at work.  I also recently acquired Wookie, a 6 year old teacup Yorkie with an attitude the size of Texas.  They both make me laugh every day.  I love coming home to my boys, because they are always so happy to see me.  Dogs are such a huge part of our families, because their personalities are so ingrained with ours.  Below are the typical trait of each breed and how they fit with certain signs.  Happy Dog Mom Day!



Yorkshire Terrier
These dogs are energetic, affectionate, and boyish.  Don’t let their pampered look fool you, these dogs will get down and dirty.  They are called the “tomboy toys”, which will be perfect for the tomboy Aries.  They have a gentle, but at times, a very sassy nature.

 French Bulldog
These dogs are easy going and playful.  They rarely bark or make a ruckus.  They love food and they love relaxing.  A great fit for a Taurus’ relaxed lifestyle.

These dogs are charming and sassy.  These dogs are very animated, and have different personalities depending on the situation.  They are loyal to their owner to a fault.  They love the sun and toasty spots.  This dog will be a perfect fit for the chatty Gemini.


These dogs are very sweet and friendly.  They make great family dogs, which Cancers are bound to have, or be around.  They have a lot of energy and will love to swim and run around the yard.  They will make a great addition to any Cancer’s family.

Golden Retriever
These dogs are loyal, and love to please their owner.  Leos love being please, so this combo will work out great.  Their golden hair will be something the Leo admires as well.  These dogs keep their playful and childlike behavior long into their later years.  They also have an outgoing and very goodhearted nature.

These dogs can be very shy at first, but they are very easy to train which will keep the house nice and clean.  The Virgo loves a clean home and a well kept dog.  Poodles also have a sense of pride to them that comes naturally.


These puff balls are a good fit for the airy Libran.  They are lively, bold, and curious dogs.  They are versatile, being a good fit for the city or country.  They are great for long walks and also long naps.  They will be a perfect fit for the constantly tipping Libra scales.

Doberman Pinscher
They are alert, fearless, and loyal.  This dog is quick and powerful which will go perfect with the powerful Scorpio nature.  Just like a Scorpio, these dogs may look scary at first, but they are really big softies at heart.  When a Pinscher is yours, they will do anything for you.


These dogs have a lot of attitude and a lot of spunk.  They are hilarious to be around, but they can definitely be very stubborn.  They will go well with the fun and lively demeanor of a Sagittarius, and always keep them laughing with their upbeat nature.


German Shepard
These dogs are brave and steady.  They love to be outside, and will climb any mountain with their Capricorn owner.  They are noble, protective, and dependable just like a Cappy.


These dogs are hilarious and quirky.  They will constantly have you guessing what they are going to do next.  They are adaptable to smaller spaces, so living in the city is no problem.  They have an even temper, and their mischievous personality will fit perfectly with an Aquarius.

These dogs are gentle, playful, and very affectionate.  They are princesses in every way possible, just like the ultra-feminine Pisces herself.  These dogs act like little aristocrats sitting in their owners lap like royalty.  They love to cuddle, which will be great for the deeply emotional fish.


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