Pisces Woman – Scorpio Man

pisces, scorpio

Once these two fall in love, it is very rare that they will part.  There is something friendly, yet very deep about their love.  These two will find wholeness together, but like all signs will have areas of improvement.  If the areas cannot be fixed, the relationship will tragically impairing the rest of their love lives for either one or both of them.  I know that sounds very dramatic, but this relationship is anything but lite.

When the Pisces woman and Scorpio man meet, they will just know that they belong together.  Other Earth, Fire, and Air signs are probably laughing while reading this, but Water signs are mystical and base decisions on what they feel.  It is powerful, yet dangerous.  Water signs love in a dimension that most cannot see or understand.  Unfaithfulness is something that will tear their deep love apart.  Dishonesty breaks the trust which is the base of every relationship.  So if either one of these Water signs are cheating, it will leave the other one torn to shreds.  So, if you are a Pisces Woman or a Scorpio Man and you met your soul mate but you aren’t ready to settle down, keep them as a friend for now.  Once you have moved into a committed relationship with this person, you better be ready for it.  Because if you mess it up, it will create permanent damage.

This guy is intense, and this woman is sensitive.  Together they will create a beautiful depth that is rarely boring.  She likes his masculine and powerful aura.  He loves her feminine and dreamy vibe.  They just handle and get each other in a way that no one else can.  There is something so mysterious and elusive about her that he just has to understand.  Every time he looks into her watery eyes he falls deeper in her net.  How is a woman so tender, yet so haunting.  He has fallen under her spell.  Even when he is mad at her he will miss her.

These two will be able to talk to each other without having to say a word.  With most Water Sign couples, this telepathic communication comes naturally.  It is a bonding gift.  When dating a Scorpio, male or female, you are bound to getting in fights.  The sex is where they make up for it.  Sex with these to is ecstasy.  They will probably have had nothing like it, and will never have anything like it.  They will reach a depth where not only their bodies but their souls become one.  There is something so magical, passionate, and intense about it.

These two will go through happiness and sadness like every couple, but these two will be able to feel each others emotions.  They are connected in a way where words do not even need to be said for them to understand what they feel.  This is a good and bad thing.  It is a good thing because they are able to understand one another, and be sad together.  It is a bad thing because when everyone is sad, who is there to cheer them up?  When Water Signs date, they must always keep the relationship in check.  Someone needs to say they’ve gone too deep for them to see the surface.  The relationship can start to cause these two to drown because once they’ve met, they almost feel like they don’t need anyone else, and they also feel as though that other person can never or will never leave.  Don’t drown each other.

They need to keep their love fresh and full of oxygen.  Do this by remembering the first time you met, and he softly smiled at you cause he knew and you knew too.  Do this by remembering your first kiss in the rain when your body started to tingle and the whole world disappeared for a moment.  Do this by remembering how nothing you have ever felt in your entire life is how you feel with that person.  Then treat them like so.  Do this and you should always safely be able to come up for air.

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