Gemini Sextrology

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This woman is all sorts of kinky.  She will never be boring in the bedroom.  That is for sure.  Gemini is the sign of the twins depicting her dual, and most times multiple, personalities that are all bundled into her beautiful body.  She is smart, and quick with her tongue.  When you leave her bed you will be feeling dizzy with delight.  If you have a problem staying faithful, this is just the woman for you.  You never know who you are going to ravage that night.  It could be her virginal innocent personality, or maybe you will meet her dominatrix side.  If you have a cold she will play nurse, kissing every body part until you have been healed, bringing you back to health in no time. If you have been bad she will play cop and cuff you to the bed, and punish you for being a bad boy.  Boredom is something you will never experience with a Gemini.  

Role play is something she will love to do, as well as being very good at.  So maybe go shopping and get a few different outfits for some down and dirty fun.  This woman’s imagination is always running wild so she will get bored easy.  Keep her entertained by having sex in random places around the house.  Try a new location to get steamy in, to keep her straying mind with you.  If you are feeling really kinky, she would most likely even be down for somewhere public.  Just don’t get caught!  She wants you to keep it imaginative. 

This woman does not want a man that is quiet or dull.  Unintelligence is another thing she won’t stand for either.  Be bold, funny, and smart to get this lady’s heart.  Tell her something wild and fun to let feed her bright and brilliant mind, because her body will soon follow.  Her body always follows her mind, so get it moving.  She needs someone who is grounded enough to bring her back down every once in a while too.  Just remember that this woman has a mind of her own, several of them actually, and no matter how flighty or wild she acts she is anything but dumb.  Marilyn Monroe was a perfect example of that.  Treat this woman with respect, and she will pay it back tenfold, especially in the bedroom.  If you treat this woman like a gem, she will be waiting for you in the bedroom with a new surprise every time that will surely fulfill your sexual appetite.

This woman is beautiful in social settings, so don’t worry about bringing her out.  She will always be the belle of the ball.  You will see her chameleon like personality gracefully change from person to person like a butterfly flying from flower to flower.  She loves to be around others, and you will see her change right before your eyes depending on where and who she is around.  The versatility will translate well in the bedroom as well.  If she feels comfortable with being vulnerable around you, it will be the best sex of your life.

A Gemini lady will be anything but quiet during the act.  This woman loves to talk, and she will have no problem telling you where and how she wants it.  She also wants to hear how you feel too, so let her know.  Admire her, tell her she’s interesting, and enjoy her eclectic personalities.  She is not to be understood, but appreciated.  So when you are done pleasuring her, step back and adore her.  All of her. 


She will love this guys’ intensity in bed.  He will love all of the imagination that she comes to the table with.  Both of these people have an innocent fun nature that will translate in their playtime. 


Sex is an exciting activity to Gemini, and a sensual one that Taurus loves to deeply and tangibly feel.  Sometimes Gemini likes to take a trip to space, so if she wants to keep this man around she needs to keep her mind with him or at least in the bedroom.


There’s a lot of talking and idea between these two creatures.  There is a certain understanding between these two sexually.  There is something so wistful, fun, and lite about their sex. Their sex will be different and magical every time.


This guy makes love with his emotions, and she will keep things imaginative.  She will love how affectionate and gentle he is.  He will love that she keeps things very entertaining.  He will bring the emotion, and she will bring the variety.


If she is not fully committed in the bedroom with this man, his ego will bruise very easily.  He needs 110% of her attention at all times.  He likes it in the bedroom when it’s all about him.  He will pay you back with a lot of fiery passion.


Her personalities may scare him out of his socks at first, but if he can open up to her he is in for the ride of his life.  Let go a little and have some fun with this colorful woman!  Their sex will be lite and a lot of fun if he can do this.


He loves to watch this woman work.  He will use his charm to make ALL of her fall head over heels, and straight into the bedroom.  Their lovemaking is amazing and refreshing.  There is something so romantic about their sex.



Sex is a lot more serious to him than it is to her.  He does not take the act lightly in any way.  He will find her detachment from the act distasteful. She needs to take him more seriously, and he needs to lighten up for this sexual combo to vibe.


These two will love to have make up sex.  After their hilarious and fiery squabbles, they will jump right in the sack.  They are both talkers, so telling each other want they want will be of no issue.


This dainty and frivolous woman will be such a mystery to the sturdy Capricorn man.  He will want to unravel her mystery in the sheets.  He will love touching her and pleasing her.  Here’s the catch, he will want a committed relationship shortly after.  Be ready Gemini!


These two will have a lot of sex.  I mean lots and lots of sex.  It will be an important and engrained part of their relationship that will never ever dull.  Their sex is fun, sunny, and almost innocent.   There is nothing dark about these two getting together in the sack.  They will love to have thoughtful conversation after romping, and then go at it again shortly after.


He lives in the depths of the dreamy sea, and she lives in the sky.  For these two to fin harmony they will have to meet half way.  She may get bored with him, and he will long for a deeper understanding.  If this fish can find wings and the butterfly could sail along the waters, they could reach a wonderful sexual understanding


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