Virgo Woman – Taurus Man

taurus, virgo

These two Earthly creatures will blend beautiful from the start.  He is slow, steady and sensual. She is pristine, perfect, and poised.  He loves all things tangible, and she will love to keep them clean.  He will love making all of the money, and she will love paying the bills on time.  He will love a comfortable bed, and she will love to make it.  He loves the taste of food, and she will enjoy keeping him healthy.  Together they can create one beautiful team and home together.  Being practical may sound boring to most, but to these two it sounds like heaven.  It is something that will tie them strongly together.  They don’t sweat the small stuff, and this will be a refreshing break from all of the pettiness they have dealt with in previous relationships.

With all the good there comes a little bad…. So as I have mentioned before, Virgo women are OCD!  They are very tidy ladies.  There are very few that are slobs.  The ones that are most likely have Sagittarius in their chart…. or Taurus.  See Taurus men are not known for keeping tidy very well.  It isn’t like they are total slobs or anything, but there will be days where their shirt will be a little wrinkly and hair may be a little tussled.  If Virgo can look over that without nitpicking, things will run a lot smoother.

He needs to understand that this pristine angelic woman is not the angel that he may think she is.  There are always some little hidden moral quirks.  This woman is logical, so if she logically figures that what society finds morally correct is not what she concluded to, she will stand by her conclusion regardless of whether it is going against the grain.  So when he sees his angel dancing on the bar top after a few cocktails on a Saturday night, he may be a little shocked. Just remember that her emotions are very rarely included in her decision making, so if your stuffy critical Virgo lady lets loose; embrace it.  It’s a rare occurrence.  Don’t be a stubborn Taurus and only see what’s in front of you.  Feel that her intentions are never wrong.

After a while after a few practical and warranted arguments, they will start to understand each other’s and appreciate each other wholly.  With his patience, which is that of a tortoises, he will start viewing her nitpicking, analytical approach, and critical approach as meticulousness, intelligence, and perfection.  He will see that she doesn’t let what others think sway her very calculating mind to believe what they do.  That is true strength, and the Bull will admire it.

Before they have sex for the first time, he will wonder how this perfectly poised woman can match his sensuality.  She will undoubtedly surprise him.  Their sex will be grounded and powerful, yet respectful with a quiet unspoken understanding of what each other needs.  They will, without a doubt, be able to fill each other’s desires.

All in all, this match is one that is made to last.  When he leaves his smelly socks on the floor, remember how he makes you laugh.  When she nags you about you leaving a dish in the sink, remember how she takes care of you so well.  Between his rich humor and her eloquent use of the English language, they will be able to always bring the sunshine back to each others lives when days are gray.   They just naturally work well together, there is no need to force anything between these two.

Go apple picking with him.  He will love it. He loves the tangibility of everything; the smell of the fresh air, the taste of a crisp apples, the sound of wind in the trees, the view from the top of the hill.  Kick off your shoes with him and run in the grass afterwards…  Yes, you may get some dirt on your feet Virgo; but he will love the way the fresh grass feels in between his toes.  Just remember Virgo, that there is no such thing as absolute perfection. However, you may just find it with him.

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