July, 2014

Keywords for Taurus

Positive Calm PatientReliableWarm HeartedPersistentSensualEnduringPeacefulDeterminedSecurity LovingFeminineProsperousStableDeliberateLeisurelyLaid BackRealisticPermanencyNegative StubbornResentfulInflexibleGreedySelf-IndulgentMaterialisticPassiveJealousLogin to access...

Keywords for Aries

  Positive Fast FieryAdventurousConfidentDynamicEnthusiasticCandidAssertiveUrgentCourageousEager Self-starterEnergeticNegative PushyImpulsiveRudeSelfishNo DirectionQuick TemperedImpatientDaredevilHeadstrongLogin to access your content! ALL ACCESS PASS Unlimited...

Cancer Sextrology

There is something about her touch that brings chills to your skin.  She is strong yet sweet, hard but wholesome, and moody while somehow calming.  She is a woman that always protects her very sensitive emotions with a hard shell.  She is like the Moon...

Aries Woman – Virgo Man

When most people describe an Aries woman a few choice words will pop into their head.  Words like bossy, impulsive, impractical, immature, and ridiculous to name a few.  The Virgo man doesn’t see her like that at all.  She is a lot of woman for him to handle,...

Aquarius Woman – Gemini Man

The Aquarius woman is truly a misunderstood creature.  He always feels like no one can deal with his many sides.  Then they meet each other, and it is as though the clouds parted in the sky so they could finally clearly see what was meant for them.  They are odd...

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