Aries Woman – Virgo Man

aries, virgo


Aries Woman – Virgo Man

aries, virgo

When most people describe an Aries woman a few choice words will pop into their head.  Words like bossy, impulsive, impractical, immature, and ridiculous to name a few.  The Virgo man doesn’t see her like that at all.  She is a lot of woman for him to handle, but he sees her as fresh, innocent, and honest.  Through his clear eyes she is fun and an eternally young woman that keeps his life so alive.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is the ruler of war and aggression.  He knows she has this in her personality, but to him she shows her dreams, unselfish love, and soft side.  He makes her feel so secure that she very rarely feels like she needs to bring her fiery temper out.

So what could go wrong?  Well there is this thing called patience that he lives by, and she knows nothing about.  He will help her a lot through this relationship by bringing patience and practicality to their relationship.  I actually know a Virgo Man and Aries Woman that have been married for years, and she was actually the one who proposed marriage!  That’s an Aries for you.  It is instinctive for a Virgo Man to analyze a problem, and come up with a practical strategy and plan.  He does it with all the coolness in the world.  When he does this for her, she looks at him like an angel.  As long as he doesn’t analyze and criticize her in any way, they will have smooth sailing.   If he tries to criticize her it will be like touching a hot stove; he won’t do it again.  He will try to tell her that his critical nature does not mean he doesn’t love her, he is trying to help her.  Let me put it out there Virgo; she doesn’t want your help.  She will give him a well decorated and clean home.  It won’t be polished to perfection, but clean.  If you want it polished Virgo either do it yourself, or hire a maid.  It is all about choosing your battles wisely with this firecracker.

She will also have a habit of spend now, pay later.  This will make him nervous from time to time, but remember all she does for you.  It is well worth it.  This relationship brings a lot of devotion, and hard work from both.  Sexually, she is a mystery to him in many ways.  How is this innocent woman so sexual all at the same time?  Her direct and simple approach to sex is something that drives him crazy, because he is innately honest and virtuous himself.  Their sex is a strong force between them that is important to them.

Her enthusiasm in life and love will make him feel like she is all he will ever need in life.  At times she will get upset with him saying he doesn’t pay enough attention to her which will confuse him.  He is always thinking of her you see.  Her and a thousand other things as well.  The Virgo mind is always thinking about something.  He can go in and out of sad spells that she will have no problem breaking him out of with her childlike and fun nature.  He just needs to know she is there all the time.  He feels secure as she does everything in life around him so confidently.  She knows this, because she can see it in his clear calming eyes.

He will never interfere with her freedom, and rarely tell her how to be. However, she will still want to be the center of his universe at all times.  She may get frustrated at times with his need for solitude, but she needs to understand that he is far less likely to ever hurt her in any way.  Giving him his free time is well worth that.

These two both fall in love for keeps.  A love that lasts forever is a rare thing, but these two can create that miracle.

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