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There is something about her touch that brings chills to your skin.  She is strong yet sweet, hard but wholesome, and moody while somehow calming.  She is a woman that always protects her very sensitive emotions with a hard shell.  She is like the Moon in so many ways; silvery glistening like a pearl, but as we all know, the Moon has a dark side.  She is a Moon goddess and at night the glow from the jewel in the sky will hit her silvery skin in a way that makes her look as though she is immortal.  She is encompasses a feminine sexual power that is deep.  

This woman loves her home, and will love having you in it.  They love comfort food, so take her to a place that reminds her of home.  If she’s Greek, take her for some gyros and kabobs.  If she’s an American southern belle, take her out for some fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.  Being comfortable in her surroundings will bring her hidden side out into the light.  During sex, having her be comfortable is very important.  She wants to feel safe and protected with the one she is intimate with before she shows you her kinky side.  Oral sex is something she enjoys giving and receiving.  She is a strong woman that doesn’t mind being the submissive one behind closed doors. 

This woman wants to be approached in a respectful manner.  If you treat her any other way than that of a lady, she will pinch you with her razor sharp Cancer claws.  You will enjoy her loony sense of humour that seems to come out of nowhere.  She wants a man who has it all together.  She wants a man that gives her emotional security, a beautiful home, a peaceful relationship, children, sympathetic response to her depth, and a loyal commitment.  Give her these things and you will have a woman who protects and loves you like you never knew was possible. 

Her feminine vulnerability is enough to make any man get her the Moon to get her in the sack. Her moods are like the waxing and waning Moon; there will be days where she will have a hot passion, and there will be days when she is cool to you.  Just be emotionally supportive through it all, and she will belong to you wholly.  She is just seeing if you can hold her precious soul in your hands.  Her love isn’t kinky, but deep and wholesome.  It is almost virginal in an innocently sexy way. She is the girl next door you always fantasized about growing up.  

Cancer women shine at night.  Your heart will belong to her when the moonlight spills across the floor after making sweet and deep love to her.  She will have moonbeams in her eyes, and her innocence will consistently make you want to devote yourself completely to her sexually and emotionally.  Her silent strength weakens you to her every whim.  You are with a Moon Goddess after all.


His fiery exuberance can bring her right out of her shell, or have her running for the hills.  There is something innocent and fun that he brings to bed that she will enjoy.  They can become very close with sex, but if his unfiltered comments hurt her she will emotionally explode.


This is an excellent sexual pairing.  The Bull is a little clumsy, but she will smooth him over with her gentle watery sensuality.  She loves his masculinity, steadiness, and sensual touch.  His patience will calm her to come out of her shell.  She will want to snuggle one minute, and then have him sexually dominate her the next.


There is something very erotic when these to romp.  His mind is so imaginative, and her touch is so tender.  Although she will feel like there is something missing at times.  He is off in his own world a lot, and she will want him to come down and swim in her cool waters.  There is something mystical and childlike about their closeness that only they can understand.


These two go deep.  They will both need to be on the same lunar cycle for them to move forward to the bedroom.  They have sex affectionately with one another when they make it.  They both need sexual reassurance to make them feel safe with one another.


Leo can tend to be a little demanding in the sheets for this lady.  However, if he becomes a little more delicate for her their sex can be really good.  He is intense and she is deep.  That is a good combination to hit the bed with. 


He absorbs her like the Earth absorbs rain after a drought.  There is something very peaceful about their sex.  He must control his tendency to be cool with her, because she needs words of encouragement.  She will teach him to make love with his heart instead of his head.


He is Mr. Romantic, and she will love every bit of it.  Before going at it with her he will need to make sure he is fully committed.  She doesn’t do relationships half way. Together they can have a gentle lust for one another.  The anticipation of getting her to open up to him is enough to drive him wild.


She will love his silent intensity.  This chemistry is one only two water signs such as themselves will ever understand.  There is something so strong and sensitive about him that makes her weak in the knees.  He will protect her in every way imaginable, making their connection unbreakable.


This man’s lack of tact may lead this lady straight into her shell.  She really will need to feel him out before letting her guard down.  He’s not good at playing her guessing game, so he may just tend to want to walk away, but if they can both see that their intentions are right their sex is intriguing. 


Cancer has a shell, and Capricorn has a wall.  Regardless, they will break past these with no problem.  Their sex will be rich and uncomplicated.  It will be deep and rewarding. It will be something that is bonding.  He is a climber in life, and she will happily walk right next to him.


This may be a little challenging at times.  She is so classic, and he is so innovative.  If they can meet in the middle they can find harmony.  They are attracted to one another in a strange way.  He is masculine and she is feminine, and their humor is equally zany.  Their sex will be madness.


This is sexual perfection.  They both give and take so much of each other that they will be drowning in each other’s depths.  You know what they say, “When you are with a real man, you are supposed to drown.”  They will experience so much oneness and fulfillment with each other that magic is bound to happen.


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