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You probably think I am totally crazy, but this is a real thing. I mean if we celebrate our nation’s birthday, why can’t we do the same for each state?  I mean come on guys, states have birthdays too!  Whether you are moving, taking a vacation, or just simply traveling through; you will enjoy the states that you are compatible with.  Have you ever been somewhere that you absolutely loved, but couldn’t quite put your finger as to why?  Well the energy of that place may just vibe with you well!  There is even such a thing as relocation Astrology, where astrologers are able to find a city that blends well with your chart.  Today we aren’t going to get into it that deep, because this is Simply SUN Signs after all.  If you want a chart reading, you can click here to get a little deeper.  I want to also appologize to Aries and Libra ahead of time, because you guys do not have states.  Maybe Puerto Rico is a possibility for you in the future?


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