Capricorn Woman – Virgo Man

capricorn, virgo

Listen here my Capricorn ladies…. Don’t try to change him, and don’t pressure him into marriage.  Good, I am glad I got that out of the way.  Let’s proceed…

The Virgo man is not one that is afraid of commitment by any means.  What he is afraid of is losing his freedom.  If she can make him feel free in a commitment they will be doing great.  What he needs to realize that what is in front of him is a strong and solid woman that would make him very happy if he could let go of all of his fear and anxiety.  They are after all a wonderful and very harmonious Earth Sign match.  He will love how flawlessly beautiful she is, and she will love how he always has a plan.  Capricorns love plans.  She is a very ambitious woman herself.  If she makes her Virgo man her only plan and ambition is where the problems start to occur.  However, but rarely, it can be the other way around.  The Virgo will want marriage and her priority and plans will be surrounding her career, and not a family leaving Virgo in the dust.

She will have great judgement which is what leads her to her Virgo man in the first place.  Generally their relationship is filled with a lot of love that will eventually lead to permanency.  They will have a love that is very stable once they get to a place they are both happy in with one another.  He won’t mind her having her own career and goals, in fact he will prefer it this way.  This will make them one hell of a power couple.  He will love watch her climb the corporate ladder, or create her own business from scratch.  Capricorns are incredible workers you see that thoroughly enjoy being the boss.  He will love that she is her own person so that he can be his own person as well.

They will find a lot of peace and beauty in their sex life.  They are powerfully in tuned, and magnetically one with each other in ways only Earth Signs can really understand.  They will only grow closer and stronger the longer they stay together, making themselves an unbreakable bond with one another.  It is not a bond that they go shouting on the rooftops about.  It is rather one of quiet appreciation.  It is as though they have known each other for years even though they have maybe only been together for a short time.  They will start syncing with one another simultaneously.  This will also be applicable for their sex life as well.

If these two ever do separate, it will usually be for career, power, ambition, or money.  What they may not realize at the time of parting is that they are making a huge mistake.  They are both stubborn so they may never admit to their fault, but they will always feel it.  That’s why it is not smart for these two to only look at the present, but far into the future as well.  Understanding that their quiet oneness is so much more suited for both of them than the exhausting, loud, and tiresome single life is imperative.  They must always cherish the familiarity, the reassurance, the stability, the intimacy, and the way they just KNOW each other. That’s when you hit the real jackpot in life.

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