August, 2014

Keywords for Leo

 Positive ConfidantCharismaticGenerousHeart of GoldCreativeEnthusiasticBroad MindedImpressivePowerfulRoyalPlayful StrongProudSunnyBold Negative Arrogant Demanding Flashy Patronizing Bossy Interfering Intolerant...

Keywords for Cancer

Positive Emotional FunnyLovingNurturingIntuitiveImaginativeSympatheticCautiousDomesticTraditionalSentimentalAffectionateNegative HypersensitiveMoodyClingyShrewdOverly EmotionalTouchyCautious  

Keywords for Gemini

Positive TalkativeFunCuriousArticulateAdaptableCommunicativeYouthfulLivelyWittyIntelligentFlexibleVersatileAnimatedInquisitiveNegative RestlessChatty GossipyNervousTenseInconsistent

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