Libra Woman – Taurus Man

libra, taurus

When you first meet these two you will assume he is the strong earthly grounded one, and that she is the feminine sweet and quiet one.  You are quite mistaken.  You can never be too sure about a Libra.  Their scales go up and down constantly balancing everything in their lives.  She is a sassy woman, and a natural born leader, and he is a lot more sensitive than you would ever assume.  He is definitely stubborn, but it is balanced by his sweetness.

He will really appreciate her strong yet feminine beauty.  There is something that is so airy yet rock solid about her.  Helpless to you, but pioneering in her own way.  She encompasses everything you didn’t think was possible to be wrapped up in one human being. She is a mental sign that will talk out all of her decisions quite frequently.  He will try to find interest in everything she says, but sometimes it will lull him to sleep.  This will put her in a tizzy, but I promise you he doesn’t mean any harm by his boredom.  He just makes the most practical decision there is to make, and that’s the end of it.  It is so simple for him, yet so complicated for her.  This will make her upset at times, but he just needs to learn how to show that he cares by really listening to her.

They are very sexually attracted to one another.  They are both ruled by the romantic and sweet sign of Venus, who we all know is the planet of love.  She is sugary and lite when it comes to sex, and he is deep and sensual.  Together they will have wonderful togetherness.

He will really change things when he comes in her life for the better.  He will settle her mind, soothe her, and help her make good decisions that seemed so complicated before she met him.  He just makes her life make more sense all around.  His common sense is something she lacks at times.  In retrospect, her optimistic spirit will make him so much happier on a day to day basis.  All she has to do is flash him her dimpled smile, and he will start to turn his frown upside-down.  After she flutters around in her charming way, he will want to keep her forever.  He must remember that caged birds don’t sing they cry, so he must always give her an element of freedom.

These two lovely signs will need slight adjustments here and there, but overall their beautiful auras will blend well.  He will be her teddy bear, and she will be his beautiful pink bird.  She will love his masculinity, and he will love her clear as a bell voice and intelligence.  They both manage each other with charm and tact.

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