The Aries Child


This baby is going to be the boss from day one.  How dare you spend any of your attention on anything but them?  There is not a subtle bone in this child’s body.  They will be very direct in their actions; if they don’t like food you give them they will spit it out or spit it at you and then giggle about it.  They like to do things faster than most babies too.  They will be quick to crawl, walk, and talk.  They may just skip the whole crawling phase altogether so they can get around a lot faster.  Baby proofing is going to be essential with this child.  Teething will be really bad, so make sure to stock up on the cold gummies for them.  If you tell an Aries baby no, they will say it right back to you and do it anyways.  Headstrong is an understatement.

The older they get you will see how truly affectionate they are.  This child will always be hugging and kissing.  As soon as they are done with that they will be throwing a tantrum, but then win you over with their big smile.  There is rarely a dull moment.  They pretty good sharers, unless they don’t like someone than forget about it.  You will have to warm the babysitter to stand their ground with your child no matter what.

Aries children have beautiful imaginations.  They are not a huge fan of schoolwork, because they would much rather be playing.  If they actually put their mind to something there will be nothing to stop them.  Finding a way to make homework fun will be crucial for good grades.  They will probably love reading, so stock these children up with lots of books.  They are natural born leaders being the head of their pack of friends.  Their hearts are as soft as they are strong, and they are as mean as they are nice, all wrapped up in a fiery little package.  People that pick on them will surely feel the Aries fire, but it will then be followed by tears.  Whenever they take a tumble in life, they will pick themselves right up and brush themselves off.  They are such spunky and strong creatures.

Holidays will be magical times for Aries babes.  They will love all the fairytale creatures that come with the holidays.  Let them believe in Santa for as long as possible, because they will believe fiercely.  You must hide presents well, seeing that they are quite impatient and may go looking.

You will need to teach the Aries child how to make and KEEP their money.  They will love to spend their allowances.  Teaching them how to save is very important with this sign seeing that they are overly generous with material items.  These kids LOVE praise.  So giving it to them when they are deserving of it will go a long ways.  If the Aries kid isn’t kept busy, they will get themselves in trouble.  Finding constructive hobbies and projects for them is key in their growth.

These children are magic, and will always believe in magic long after they are grown and gone.  If you gently lead them while letting them lead themselves at the same time, they will make the impossible happen in their lifetime making you one proud parent of such a strong, fierce, and bold individual.

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