Aquarius Woman – Capricorn Man

aquarius, capricorn

Aquarius Woman – Capricorn Man

aquarius, capricorn

The Aquarius woman makes this guy get nervous, and he never gets nervous.  He never knows what she is going to do next, and there is something about her spontaneity that he truly adores.  You would not call him a very off the wall guy at all, but she is definitely unique.  She brings a lot of laughter and hilarity to his life that he never had before.  She is refreshing to him in so many ways.  She will love how he brings stability to hers; something she needs every so often.  She will also need to learn to love his family and friends pretty soon on.  A Capricorn’s family and friends are literally everything to them.

One thing these two will both have in common is their need for financial security together.  As time goes on in their relationship, he will look up to her more for advice.  She has this wisdom about her that he appreciates, and admires.  She will understand his grumpy moods, and know how to get him out of them seeing that she was probably a Capricorn in her previous life.  Seeing that she is Air and he is Earth, there will be many differences between them, and they will have adjusting to do.  The number one thing, as I mentioned earlier, that they will focus on together is security.  They will set goals with each other, and beautifully help one another reach them.  She is definitely the more adaptable and flexible out of the two of you, which will help with his stubborn streaks.  He dreads big changes, but she embraces them.  She understands that change is a part of life, and she looks at it in an exciting way.  He needs a lot of convincing though.  She loves meeting new people, while he has had the same 5 best friends since high school.

She will have a way of looking like she is submitting to his every whim, but don’t let her fool you.  She knows exactly what she is doing.  She knows that the right change at the right time can change everything to the way it should be.  Change to her can solve everything.  He may think it was his idea, but the whole time she has really been wanting it  too.  This woman is smart, really smart.  Yes, maybe a little sneaky too, but there is nothing wrong with that.  Women usually know what’s best anyways.  After all, that was what attracted him to her in the first place; her intelligence.  Capricorn men cannot stand vulgar, ridiculous, aggressive women.  When he meets her, he will see so much truth in her eyes that he immediately respects.  He of course admires her statuesque beauty as well.  That surely helped him in the picking process.  There is something so wise and distant about Aquarian eyes.  They are so beautiful and far away.

One thing that they could possibly argue about is her working.  Some Capricorn men have a really hard time seeing their woman work.  An Aquarian woman won’t give him the choice.  This woman is the future, a true pioneer.  She wasn’t meant to just sit around doing nothing.  She needs a purpose.  Just remember to always make it clear that he is the man in the relationship, and he will get over you working.  Tell him to get the hell out of the 1950’s and get over it.

She will make him laugh frequently.  Her thought process is kind of kooky, and she will say something so left field it will have him rolling.  Remember how I told you he isn’t much into change, and she is?  Well, she likes to change the house up a lot; paint, furniture, rearranging, a new pet, etc.  At first this may give him an anxiety attack, but he will get used to it.  He is going to have to.  She is a Fixed sign which means she doesn’t like to follow, but she doesn’t need to lead; she just does her own thing without worrying about what others think.  He is a Cardinal sign meaning he DOES like and need to lead.  He likes being the head of the pack.  The good thing is that out of all of the Fixed signs, I would say Aquarius is the most changeable.  Because she is a fixed sign, it makes sense that she would go for a man that is so stable.

If they do fight about anything, it will be about people that she doesn’t care for too much, but that he insists should be in his life.  Regardless, her charm will have him out of his grumpy state in no time.  Sexually she is quite imaginative, and he is has an earthly sensuality.  She thinks that he takes sex too seriously at times, and he thinks she takes it too lightly at times.  Once they adjust, things will blend perfectly.  This is a relationship that deepens over time.  She will become more settled like him, and he will become more free and open with her.  As I have said before about the Capricorn man, they age backwards.  If you think about it, that is quite perfect for an Aquarius woman.  If he can let his inhibitions go, and if she can stay in one place just long enough; they can last an eternity.

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