Gemini Woman – Aquarius Man

aquarius, gemini

Gemini Woman – Aquarius Man

aquarius, gemini

To him, she reminds him of fresh summer air.  She smells of citrus and sunshine.  She will melt his hardness with her laughter, grab his hand and they will take flight together.  He will be free with her, while still remaining the rock in the relationship.  She changes every day, but he will remain the constant for her.  I wouldn’t say that by any means he is predictable, he is quite quirky himself.  She will finally meet someone that is as unpredictable as she is, which helps them understand each other on a deep level.

He will ask her out to dinner and a movie one night, and then show up to her house with a suit case in the back.  She will say, “why is there a suit case in your car?”  He will reply, “Because I decided we should go away for the weekend instead.  Go pack your bags!”  Most women would get flustered with the change of plans, but the Gemini woman doesn’t mind at all.  In fact, she absolutely loves the spontaneity.  There is something refreshing and lovely about their craziness that most will never understand.  He loves to shock the hell out of people, but she is very intellectually quick so she can catch him most of the time.  He will love this about her, because it keeps him on his toes.

Sometimes she will feel like she is with a male version of herself.  He may even give her a dose of her own medicine at times.  They will encourage each others eccentric behavior to the max.  They will definitely have a lot of fun.  When he bothers her with her forgetfulness, or when she talks way too much, she will sweetly apologize and he will forgive her with no problem.  When he messes up, don’t expect an apology, he is just not big on them.  It’s not that he isn’t sorry, he is just stubborn.

When it comes to sex with these two, it’s not the most important thing in their relationship.  Mental stimulation is number one.  Whether they do it every day, or every once in a while; sex is sex.  What they need most in a partnership is communication.  That is how Air signs connect; through their minds and souls, not with their bodies.

One thing they also share in common is the fact that they most likely will have been engaged or married before they met each other.  Gemini likes to have at least two of everything in life, and Aquarius is way too curious to be with one woman his whole life.  When he meets her, he will feel like he is with many women, which is why she is quite perfect for him.  If she is his first love, she is in a lot of luck.  Aquarius men will always love their first love, because whenever an Aquarius experiences something for the first time they will always remember it.

He admires so much about this butterfly of a woman.  She is everything he could want all wrapped up in one ball of sunshine.  She is always changing, and there is something so inelligent yet innocent about her.  Something so happy yet so sad.  He feels like he has so much to teach her, and he can’t help but want to be around her all of the time.  His electric blue aura blends with her multifaceted one creating every color you should think of. 


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