Gemini Woman – Aquarius Woman

aquarius, gemini

These two women find so much solace and comfort with one another.  The only one thing that could cause discomfort between these two is the truth. Geminis have their own idea of the truth, and it is not quite the same as the Aquarian’s.  See, to a Gemini, the truth has so many “ifs” and “what ifs”.  Their minds are so faceited that jsut about anything could be the “truth”.  Truth will be an area that they will conflict on.  If Aquarius can remember how the mind of  a Gemini works, they may have a little more empathy towards this issue.

Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, which means they tend to be quite stubborn.  These women have a way of doing things in a way that no one else does.  Aquarius is on a search for the truth of life, but they do it with a completely open mind.  Aquarius women are extraordinary people that can truly imagine the unimaginable.  They are a mix of fact and fantasy.  Geminis are a child’s soul in an adult body.  There is true curiosity and enchantment about Geminis that is charming, and lite.  When you mix these two Air Signs together, they do wonders for each other.  Geminis are the talkers, and Aquarians are insanely genius.  This couple is viewed as this beautiful puzzle, that most may never really understand.  That doesn’t matter to them though; the only people that need to understand them is them.  They are just too complex for most to understand, and there is nothing wrong with that.


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