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There are all times in our lives when we hit a bump in the road.  As they say, when it rains it pours.  What you need to know is that in every Sun Sign has an innate strength they posses to be able to be fearless every day your feet hit the ground.  Here is your Sun Sign’s strength…

Aries – Your enthusiastic character is loved by all.  You are the most courageous Sun Sign, and you have no problem starting all over again when you get knocked down. 
Taurus – Your silent and peaceful strength is unmatched.  Your patience will get you through the roughest of times.
Gemini – You are so intelligent that you will always figure out what the next step is.  Your flexibility in tough times is incredible.
Cancer – Your intuition will always let you know what the right thing to do is.  Your love and humor will get you through your darkest times.
Leo – You will look fear boldly in the eye.  Your heart of gold will always lead you the right way.  Your loyalty and bold personality will always place you on top.
Virgo – When things go haywire, you know how to keep your cool.  Your analytical mind will always put things in place.  Your diligent strength is impressive.
Libra – When you start to feel fear, you take a step back and look from the outside in.  You take all sides, and balance everything smartly.  Your easy going attitude will always help hard situations.
Scorpio – Even in the dark your power will pull you through.  You can rise from the ashes like no one else.  Your intense nature gives you purpose with everything else.  You are a survivor.
Sagittarius – When your free spirit feels trapped, you will look to your philosophical side of life.  Your open, yet educated, mind will always put you on the right path.
Capricorn -Your practicality will always help you when things are blue.  You are the hardest working sign, and you will work hard to get through tough situations no matter what.
Aquarius -You are so willful that all you see is the future.  Nothing can step in your way.  Your unconventional way of thinking will lead you to your next stop.  You are always thinking outside the box.
Pisces -Your imagination is like that of no other.  Your dreams are powerful, and should be listened to.  Although you may slip to the depths of the ocean, your beautiful mind will always provide you with oxygen.


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