Pisces Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, pisces

Pisces Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, pisces

Even when these two are apart physically, they are still together.  Once they meet there will be this inseparable bond that is tied by their watery souls.  It is kind of like if you had two glasses of water side by side, and then you dumped them in one glass, then tried to separate them again.  Sure, you can pour half the water into the other glass again, but they will forever be blended.  That’s what it is like when two water signs join, they never really every separate.

This man was most likely a mama’s boy, Cancer men usually are.  Because of this, they will want their love to baby them in many ways.  Pisces women are full of tender love and care, so she won’t mind femininely caring for him both physically and emotionally.  She is a very unselfish person, so putting him first will not bother her much at all.  She will wear many hats in her relationship with the crab.  She will be his friend, confidant, lover, and emotional springboard.  She is healing to him in a way that he has never quite experienced before.  She just delicately kisses all of his fear, burdens, and scars of the past healing his worried soul.  He feels safer with her than possibly anyone he has ever met in his life.

He is one hell of a worry wart, but she doesn’t really understand why he worries about things that he has no control over.  To her that is just a complete waste of energy.  She prefers to keep her spirit serene, and let the higher powers take care of things and everything will turn out just the way it should.  She is quite fabulous at finding the best in everything even if it doesn’t appear to be as shiny and wonderful as most people would think.  When she meets her Cancer she will assure him that he has all the potential in the world, and she means it.  Her intuition is one to truly be reckoned with.

Cancer men are gentle and quiet, but they live hard.  He makes her feel safe not only emotionally but financially as well.  He is intelligent and hilarious with his looney sense of humor.  He will make her laugh on a regular basis, which is something her soul needs.  He is the perfect blend of man that she has always really imagined that was out there.  It makes her smile and almost cry tears of joy when he just KNOWS what she needs.  There is something so bonding and beautiful about being with someone who is able to anticipate your needs and feelings.  It is magical.

Sex is a natural part of their relationship that will heal things if troubles ever arise.  Her spirituality and his emotional sweetness makes their union that is one only two water signs ever really understand.  She feels like he needs her, and he really does.  They are each others favorite people in the world, and for good reason.

They will always know each others secrets, and be able to make each others wishes come true.  They will know each other body and soul, but somehow the monotony of it all is too magical to become bored of.  When she is lost in her dreams he will sprinkle moon dust on them both, and they will travel through the stars as he joins her in her magical world.

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