Pisces Woman – Leo Man

leo, pisces

The Pisces woman won’t mind too much that her Leo man is a little bossy and demanding, but she will need to learn how to stand her ground with him in a nice way, or he may very well take full control of this relationship.  There is something about this woman that likes submitting to her man, but she needs to make sure she doesn’t lose herself in the process.  He will be so romantic to her, and in return she will maker him purr.  However, just remember this man likes sitting on the throne at all times.

He is Fire and she is Water, when you mix these elements, and one doesn’t overpower the other, you get steam.  However, if one is stronger than the other it will take the other element out.  These two will constantly be having to find balance within their relationship to make it work.  She would be a smart woman to run things from behind the scenes, which she will be able to do with her feminine charm.  She may find it exhausting keeping up  with how he expects her to be, but his adoration of her will keep her going.  If they do get into an altercation she will just passively disappear, leaving him to roar by himself.  If he hurts her too bad, she will swim far away leaving him alone and confused.  After all, he was just expressing his boisterous feelings.

These two love to nap together, for different reasons of course.  She will love to dream, and he just plainly needs his rest.  Because of their similar love of the bedroom, extracurricular activities will just naturally happen.  He will find her feminine features incredibly attractive, and he will appreciate her romanticism.  He will get jealous and protective of his petite fish if any man looks her way.  Men are just naturally drawn to her dreamy mysticism.  She finds his need for admiration almost funny, and somewhat endearing.

These two will have other admirers; he is after all the King and many women want to be his Queen, and she is a delicate, feminine, princess in the tower every man wants to save from the terrible dragon.  However, if they make a commitment to each other and stick to it, they can become quite the fairytale.  They must learn to give one another love, admiration, mixed with a little bit of freedom.  If they can do this, they may just live happily ever after; after he saves her from the dragon of course.

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