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She encompasses all of the enchanting beauty of the Venus de Milo herself.  She is soft, feminine, and sensual. Her soft pink and sweet lips will taste like cotton candy.  Her feminine curves drive you wild, and she smells like apples and roses.  Don’t let her romantic softness fool you, she is as strong as steel.  She is equally as stoic in her poised statue.  This woman does not fall in love easily or foolishly as she may lead you to believe.  She is like whiskey in a teacup.

She is excellent at sizing people up by using her innate ability to sum someone up in moments.  She will share her thoughts with you in such a way that you won’t even be offended.  Sexually, she will boost up your ego and your head in a way where you think you are the best on Earth.  She will want a man who knows his way around the bedroom.  She doesn’t want to have to teach her sexual partner.  Finding a man that is sexually worthy of her is a true task.

In bed, she does not want a man that is crude; she wants a silent strength that doesn’t need to be spoken of.  As they say; insecurities are loud.  She will like to be in charge, and you better not mind it.  Handling her with finesse is critical to get her to surrender.  She is a hard one to get close to, but once you do you will be flying in the clouds.  Sex once she has surrendered to you is so harmonious, you will hear bells ringing.

Her sexual standards are high, especially when she wants to make you hers permanently.  Sex to her is something that is not just physically pleasurable, but mentally enjoyable as well.  They love to be in love, and the romance of a relationship is so thrilling to this lovely lady.  She will entangle you in her web of cotton candy love, and you will anticipate the act of sex with her up onto the very last second.  She will take control of your body, and have you flying high in the sky somewhere on Cloud 9.  All of this will be done with poise and Libran beauty.  You will be engulfed with her pink sweet seduction, and go to a place where only lovers know.


She is quite the lady, and he is one hell of a man.  Sexually, that blends well together.  He likes taking lead in the bedroom, and she should let him.  Their love will be wild and fun.  He will be mystified by her feminine beauty.


Their physicality is powerful.  They are both ruled by Venus, so they will be all flowers and Valentines.  There is something deep, and a general understanding of each other’s needs.  She approaches sex a little bit lighter than him, but if they can meet halfway, the sex will be truly beautiful.


They will find so much fulfillment and peace when they have sex together.  There is something easy breezy about these two in the bedroom.  While some may find it not as deep and steamy as they would like it, to them it is beautiful and uncomplicated.  They are magnetized by one another, and their sex is something very beautiful.


When they make love to one another he will tell her to stop thinking, and start feeling.  He will let all of his fears and worries blow away when he is with her intimately.  It is as though she is a cherry blossom floating down a cool and gentle stream.  There is not any room for anything else than pure and innocent happiness.  Their passion can come and go, but it will always come back.


She will love his grand gestures of romance.  She will be able to fulfill his jungle like desires with ease and pleasure.  Her sex drive will be more than the lazy lions, so he had better keep up with her.  Their sex is pleasurable, and always followed by a good nap.


Sex with these two is relaxing for both.  There is a lovely gentleness between them.  He has to be careful when criticizing her though.  If he does that in bed, she will fly far far away from you.  She doesn’t have the patience for any such sexual nitpicking.


Sexually they both create mental variety with one another.  It is rare that these two will become bored with each other in bed because they are such an imaginative sign.  Their creativeness will always keep things fresh.  The only thing that will come between their physical union is business at work, being bogged down with stress, or raising a family.  The beautiful thing about these two though is that no matter how long they don’t make love, they will reconnect beautifully as though they were one minutes before.


Sexually they get each other on most occasions.  His intensity may make her a little weary at first.  He needs to scale it back for her, and lighten up a bit to be able to blend with her.  She will teach him how to comply by showing him that there is a certain time and place for everything.


There is something about her that cools his fiery and wild nature.  Maybe it is those curvy hips, or sweet pink lips.  Whatever it is, it works.  They will love to stimulate each other’s minds just as much as each other’s bodies.  He is eager to get her in bed as often as possible.  This woman sparks his curiosity on the regular.


Sexually it may not be right on the money at first.  This relationship takes a lot of patience in all areas including this one.  They will have a lot to teach one another.  He will show her how to make love on Earth without being so light and aloof about it.  She will teach him how to be warm and affectionate without holding back anything.


Despite all of their potential differences, love making will not be one of them.  They will both love giving and receiving.  They have the power to heal one another when they blend.  There is a lightness and beauty to their physicality that is poetic and fresh.   It is almost as though they had known each other in a past life.  They will learn each other’s bodies as though they are their own.  They will remember it is as though it is the back of their own hand.  There is something so familiar yet so new about the way they feel when they are one.


He is powerfully attracted to this beautiful airy woman.  He wants to sail away with her on her pink cloud of love.  She will be enchanted by his dreamy aura.  Together their sex will be something out of a pastel rainbow dream.  For them to stay together, they will need to make their dreams into a beautiful reality.

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