Scorpio Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, scorpio

Scorpio Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, scorpio

Every person dreams of their soul mate when they are younger.  When Scorpio meets the Pisces man she will really believe that she has found him, but has she?  In his life he will meet and have all kinds of women, but will not be sure if she is the one.  When he lays his eyes on the beautiful, strong, and mystical creature that is Scorpio, his heart will flutter.  When his eyes meet hers, they will both smile because they know.  They know that it is the beginning of the end of everything that they used to know.  The way these two start falling in love isn’t because of one mentionable thing, it just sort of happens.  Little do they know that this relationship will change them both; in some ways good and in some bad.  Regardless, they will not come out of this relationship the same as they came in.

There is so much combatability between this match, it is incredible.  They have so much to learn from one another. They will give one another so much depth, meaning, and understanding in life. Their bond is something strong; an imperfect perfection.  Like I said though, there will be things to learn.  For one thing, he will need to stop fabricating the truth.  He doesn’t do it with malintent, it’s just fun for him to do.  This woman also hates secrets being held from her.  HATES IT.  It is fine if she does it of course.  Yes, it is a double standard that you are just going to have to deal with.  Pisces lives in a land of dreams, where he doesn’t feel like he needs permission to carry out them.  It can cause a lot off problems between them.

This woman’s inner intensity is unmatchable.  If a Scorpio wants something, she will go through the trenches to get it.  A Pisces usually doesn’t have an intense bone in his body.  He swims where the current takes him in life dreaming along the way.  He just doesn’t understand why someone would want to waste so much mental energy.  This will driver her crazy of course, but they will be able to balance each other in this area.  He will go out of his way to avoid an altercation with his passionate partner. As possessive, intense, and pressuring she can be he really loves her.  They may even break up once over something dumb, but they will realize that being apart is too painful once they have had each other, so they will figure a way to make it work.  She is the glue that keeps them together, and he is the one who forgives.

He is quite wonderful with his words seeing that he is a mutable sign.  When she is about to get upset, he will find something clever to say that makes her burst into laughter.  He presses his luck with her a lot, but he should understand that if he wants to keep her around he shouldn’t be too passive aggressive, or it will cause them to drift apart permanently.  Their sex is very healing and deep.  They understand each other more through intimacy than they do in reality.  Maybe it is because she joins him in his mystical reality that can only last while they are one.  It is transcending for both of them blending their watery souls together.  When they are apart they have problems, but when they are one it’s as though they are all washed away.

It is hard for these two to be one hundred percent with each other at all times, but there is an unspoken understanding that these two have together that others simply will just not understand.  There is a quiet intense passion that these Water signs have with each other.  They just have to remember to not go too deep, or they won’t be able to make it up for air every once in a while.  They love each other all the way, and sometimes that can be very painful, but it’s also so beautiful at the same time.  It is the only way these two know how to love.  He will teach her how to forgive, and he will learn not to run from problems when they arise.  These two have the choice to drown in sadness with one another, or be the best they can be for one another and reach a level of deepness and serenity that most will never even understand. 

My longest relationship was with a Pisces.  We drowned, and the end was the most pain I have ever been in.  However, I am strong and learned so much from it.  It could have been different, but it was a series of bad decisions that were made.  I pray that all of the Scorpio and Pisces relationships out there make the right decisions for their love to last eternity, because it can.

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