The Scorpio Man


If you aren’t really into passionate people, this guy is not going to be for you.  You may even read this and think, “My Scorpio man is quiet, and not really intense at all.”  Well not to burst your bubble, but you must not know him all too well yet.  This man has an opinion and a feeling on every single subject in life.  So if passionate people really aren’t your think I would leave now before you get in too deep. 
This man will come off extremely controlled and cool when you first meet him, but his intense eyes let you know there is something more underneath that steadfast exterior.  You see, Scorpios have excellent poker faces.  They show you exactly what they want you to see.  They remind me of a volcano in many ways.  So beautiful, strong and majestic, yet hiding boiling hot lava in their exterior that can explode at any time without warning or notice.  If you still feel safe being with a man like this, and he begins to trust you with his heart, you are in for one of the most incredible relationships you will ever have in your life.  Ask someone that is in a relationship with a Scorpio if they are passionate.  I promise you the answer will be yes every time.  The answer may even come as a shock to you, because her man is a quiet accountant that has a regular 9 to 5 job. 
This man likes to win, and if you hurt him revenge will come naturally to him as breathing does.  They will keep their dignity in everything they do; love, revenge, work, arguing, etc.  Each Scorpio man creates his own laws of life that he will passionately stand next to until he dies.  Changing his mind about things he feels is near next to impossible.  He is completely unconcerned what people think of him and the way he chooses to live.  His decisions in life will never be swayed by opinions.  This can be a good and a bad thing.  Even though that sounds scary you have to remember that this man is self-contained, honest, and courageous. 
This man was born to conquer the world in more ways than one.  He rises from the ashes like no one’s business.  He was born to uncover the dark mysteries of life, and if you are in love with him that means you too.  His eyes will make you feel naked, and his questions may be blunt but he just wants to understand you wholly.  His standards are high, so before he lets you into his very soft core he will need to know that you are safe to let in.  Once you are in, you will see how he treats you is different than anyone in the entire world.  What woman doesn’t want that?  He can be so cruel to others, and then turn to you a second later and be the sweetest man in the entire world.  He may conceal his feelings about you in public, but when you are back at home it will be a totally different story.  If it drives you crazy that he isn’t into PDA, you are going to have to get over that quick.  This sign is not going to gallivant around town holding your hand, and kissing on park benches; that is just not his style.  Be confident in what you have with him, because if he is with you it really means something.
Yes, his personality can be a bit harsh at times.  If you are a soft and insecure woman, this is not a man that is going to be easy for you to be with.  He will toughen you up a bit with his brutally honest truth.  He is not one to beat around the bush.  They are very black and white.  If you are a woman that likes to flirt with a lot of men, you should probably also go ahead and either get out or calm down.  This man has absolutely no patience for women that need attention from other men other than himself.  If you give him a reason to be suspicious, you are brave.  You might as well go ahead and start dodging his stinger now.  He is so loyal to the person that is his, and he expects the exact same in return.  Other women will find him extremely magnetizing, but you have nothing to worry about.  Once he is in it is rare that he will ever ruin what he has with you for one night of meaningless sex.  So yes, he can me a difficult man to be with at times, but doesn’t the loyalty alone make it all worth it?
When it comes to him with his children he will be strict.  Respect will be the number one thing that he instills in them from a very young age.  Their values in life will be clear, and they will have clear expectations that they are to achieve.  He will love them fiercely, but he will never enable them to misbehave.  He will be gentle and protective with them.  They will never wonder if they are loved. He won’t smother them with affection, but he doesn’t need to.  He gives them freedom within his expectations. 
He will never me bossed around by his significant other, so if she has a problem she just needs to let him know respectfully.  As honest as he is, he respects honesty as well.  He repays the people that he loves and that have stood by him with a kind of love people dream of.  It takes a brave woman to love this kind of man, but if you are the right one for him you will know.  It is an understanding that doesn’t even need to be spoken of.  It is just there.  You can feel it.  You can see it in his eyes when he looks at you.  


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