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She gets hot and heavy quick. She laughs when you look surprised as she starts stripping you down to nothing. It’s playtime for this Sagittarius woman. She is loud and wild and so much fun. Where did this woman come from? In the morning as you start to open your eyes to the sun you realize she is gone; collected her clothes without a trace of her in sight. All she left was the scent of grapefruit in your sheets, and the memory of her. You would think such a wild child would have not a care in the world, but you are oh so very wrong. This woman cares a lot about her future. She looks at things through rose colored glasses (in her case they are purple), but she is intelligent and hopeful. She wants a man that can take care of her and her heart. Keep her safe, and she will keep you wild. 

As much as she will want a safe place for her heart, she will equally want independence. She is hilarious, loud, and zealous. Under all of that is a soft and vulnerable woman who is intelligent and very capable. She won’t put any restraints on you, and she expects the same in return. She is not shy about pleasuring and touching herself in front of you. She also has as much stamina as the energizer bunny; she just keeps going and going. You may want to drink a Red Bull before hitting the sack with this woman.

She may seem selfish at times, but she just tends to outlast most in bed. Whatever you can’t finish, she is more than happy to take care of herself. Vibrators will be something she really loves to add to the fun. She isn’t an emotional love maker; she just likes to keep things really hot and fun.

You wouldn’t really peg a Sagittarian woman for being really serious lover, they are joking way too much to be anything of that nature. There is something refreshing and exhilarating about her sexuality though, something that keeps things so uncomplicated, and stress free. She has a tendency to overthink her feelings and thoughts which is the only thing that can become complicated with her. Otherwise her sex with you will be natural, fun and wild.

This woman doesn’t want sappy romance, but she does want you to chase her. So if you are the guy who had the night of your life with this fiery woman, and she has fled your room; call her up and propose something spontaneous and fun. Don’t be like the rest of the stagnant serious guys she has had before you. When you show her you can keep her heart safe, she may just stick around a little longer next time. If you are lucky, maybe even for breakfast


Their sex may be the only time he can get this girl to quiet down. Their sex is warm and creative that creates bursts of pleasure. She needs to remember the Ram’s sensitive ego, and to always seem pleasured which shouldn’t be a problem with these two. They will both be very satisfied with one another.


Sex will give them a reason to work through their arguments. They will undoubtedly have a physical attraction to each other. He may not be as involved as she needs him to be, but with a little work they can make this relationship passionate and fun. 


Their sex will be something to heal most of their differences. There is a very strong attraction that they have to one another.  They are fully aware of the meaning of makeup sex, seeing that they use it frequently to mend their relationships after their sometimes verbally intense squabbles.   The real passion that they will have them is the one of their minds.  Both of them are Mutable Signs, which means they are both incredible communicators.  These two could stay awake talking about anything and everything until the sun came up. 


There is something magnetic and mysterious about this odd pairing. She will have to give him a minute to adjust to her frankness seeing that he hides much more than she does. Give him some time, and you may be in for quite a treat in the bedroom.


There can be great intensity between these two fire signs. Their blending is spiritual and understanding. They will break each other’s inhibitions and get at it. He will love to tie this free spirit down with his lion claws so that he can ravage her whenever he wants.


He keeps things a lot cooler than she does, causing her to want a bit more out of him sexually. She looks at it as a challenge, but eventually she appreciates his sweet tenderness more every day. He makes her feel calm which she appreciates. 


The friendship they have deepens the meaning of their sex. They thoroughly enjoy sharing their bodies with each other, and she will love how he appreciates her femininity. Their sex is cheerful, free, and fun. They like to talk about how awesome it was after the deed.


They may find each other a little boring in the sack, but there is much to be learned. Once they get warmed up to each other, he will like that she tells him exactly how she wants it. She will appreciate his passionate responses to her requests.


There will be little that needs work in this department. When it comes to sex with these two fire signs there will be a lot of talking, touching, laughing, warmth, and fun. There is so much in common with these two that they will really vibe with one another. Just don’t ever mention your ex, and you will both be in paradise.


There is a genuine curiosity that they will have with one another. They are so different, yet something makes sense with it. They will study each other as though they are seeing something in a museum for the very first time. He will approach her sexually with caution while she jumps in headfirst. There will need to be adjustments, but once they do it can be quite unifying. They must both have patience with one another.


Sagittarius likes inspired and imaginative lovemaking.  He will definitely not let her down.  His humor and tenderness will make her laugh and cry all at the same time.  You may see purple when you are having sex with a Sag.  I know that sounds a little odd, but there is something so wild and carefree about this woman, especially in the bedroom, that the color is in her aura.


She finds the spirituality of this fish exciting. They both have a case of wanderlust, his in his head and hers in reality. Together they can make love all over the planet. She will bring him back down to the ground, and he will help her sexual fantasies come true.



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