Your North and South nodes tell you all about the things that you need to let go, as well as your ultimate life destiny.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” Have you ever wondered, “What was I like in my last life?”
Your South node will tell you what you need to let go from the past.  It is where you “comfort zone” is, and the place of “been there done that.”  Some people get stuck in their South node habits without ever springing into their North node, or their destiny. 
Your North node will tell you where you are going in the future.  It will make you get out of your comfort zone, and teach you life’s lessons.  The lessons are for your soul and spirituality.  Finding this will give you great satisfaction in life.
So how do you know what your North and South nodes are?  A great way for you to find out would be getting your chart read.  You can actually get this done by me from clicking on this link where I tell you about this and so much more, or you can find it for free here.

Aries South Node: You need to release the “me first” mentality.  Sometimes being in solitude is what is comfortable to you, but you have too much to offer the world by being cooped up all on your own.  You have a tendency for your first reaction to conflict to get aggressive and feisty, but thinking things through before reacting is best. 

Libra North Node: Embrace the power of partnership.  Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in love every once in a while.  Love is the most beautiful thing you will ever experience in your lifetime.  Be a peaceful warrior; or how I like to call it a steel fist in a velvet glove.  Get out there and socialize more.  You never know who you could meet.  It’s a big beautiful world out there that is meant for exploration.

Taurus South Node: You must release your attachments towards luxury.  Small talk is something that can also get you in trouble at times.  Sometimes you are overly practical, and must learn how to lighten up.  You like to stick with what you know, and you are a true creature of habit.  Thinking outside the box, and embracing change will help you grow.

Scorpio North Node: Embrace simplicity that embraces spirituality.  Find connections through people, and hobbies that help you grow as a person.  Let other people help you when you need it.  No one is meant to go through life alone.  Find your fulfillment in your soul, rather than tangible items.

Gemini South Node: You must learn to let go the need to gossip.  Sometimes you fixate on details that don’t really matter in the big picture.  Start trusting your gut, and go for what you know.  Never distort the truth, no matter how good it may sound coming out of your mouth.  Make sure to not say one thing one day, and do a 180 the next.  Stick to what you know, and only speak the complete truth.

Sagittarius North Node: Finding the fundamental truths in life will make you the most comforted, and satisfied.  Living life by looking at the big picture will always set you on the right track.  Find satisfaction through higher learning, going on adventures, and leaving your comfort zone.  Your spirit is meant to be free.

Cancer South Node: Enabling people is something that you do in order to take care of them.  Release the feeling of always having to take care of everyone in your life.  Sometimes it is naturally for you to also react to every situation with your emotions first without logically thinking things through with your head.  Release the need to be in a relationship that closes you off from the rest of the world, there is too much out there.

Capricorn North Node: Teach yourself how to be emotionally independent.  Looking at things with a cool headed, and an emotionally stable vision will get you where you need to go in life.  Get out of the house, and live a public life.  You have so much to offer the world, and you won’t be able to share it from your couch.  Set attainable goals for your future, and be confidant about them.

Leo South Node: You must release your need to always be the center of attention at all times. Remember to put others than yourself first at times.  Get rid of all unnecessary drama in your life.  Don’t focus on the external and material; but rather the internal, and eternal.

Aquarius North Node: Embrace a team spirit with collaboration from others in your life that matter to you.  Find your sense of purpose in life through volunteering, and other humanitarian work.  Live your life in a sustainable way that is rewarding to your heart and mind, not your wallet.  You can’t take material things to the next lifetime, but you can take your experiences.

Virgo South Node: Feeling the need to be perfect all of the time is something you will need to know is just not humanly possible.  Stop analyzing every single little thing in your life.  Escaping stress through vices will never get you anywhere, only creating anxiety.  You don’t always have to do things the hard way, and you don’t always have to do everything on your own.

Pisces North Node: Embrace your creativity and freedom of mind.  Heal others with your mind and intuition.  Develop your minds spirituality ability reaching beyond the tangible.  Have faith that the universe will take you exactly where you need to go in life.  Surrender yourself to the bigger picture of life.

Libra South Node: Hiding in relationships will never get you anywhere in life.  Taking the path less traveled is not something that sounds appealing to you, but if you can get out of your comfort zone you will find amazing experiences with independence.  Being a peacekeeper and compromising your happiness to make others happy is never a way to go about things. It may work temporarily, but over time will ware on you.

Aries North Node: Embrace your leadership skills by prioritizing your goals and YOU.  Learn how to be comfortable alone.  Like Carrie from Sex and the City says, “The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”  Fight for your beliefs and you will reap the benefits of the risks you take in life.  Learning how to express what you are upset about is healthy and will make others around you feel like you are being more genuine.

Scorpio South Node: You must release the need to manipulate outcomes in situations.  This also count as using sex as a weapon to get what you want.  Locking yourself up in your house during stressful times will also not fix situations.  Finding strength within yourself to be able to stand on your own two feet will benefit you in your life greatly.

Taurus North Node: Finding the beauty in simplicity will help bring you true peace.  Ground yourself in daily habits and a solid routine.  Live in the moment, and find people that you can find true and uncomplicated connections with.  Tell things how they are clearly, directly, and honestly.  Finding a steady means of income will help you find interdependence.

Sagittarius South Node: You must release the feeling to continuously wanderlust in your life.  Finding roots in one place will make you feel safe.  Always fixating on the future will make you miss what is going on in the present.  Having a need to feel like you need to make you a jack of all trades and a master of nothing.  Start focusing your energy more on one area of your life at a time.  You tend to bite off more than you can chew which can become exhausting.

Gemini North Node: Embrace your community by doing things that make your neighborhood a better place to live.  Understand that there is pleasure and power in the NOW.  Make your exploration in life playful and fun.  Always remember to just take one thing at a time.

Capricorn South Node: You must release the need to always bee coolly detached from people.  You will never truly connect to people when you are constantly hiding behind walls.  You have a tendency to use your head before your heart, but some things are meant to be felt.  Release the need to always be at the top n your career.  Finding a work-life balance is crucial to your mental health.  This may be pushed by your need for tangible items, but remember that you cannot take these things with you into the next life.

Cancer North Node: Embrace your sensitivity more often.  It is okay to feel things, and let other people see that you feel them.  Having true compassion for yourself and others is something that will have to be learned throughout the years, but having compassion will warm you.  Finding joy in the simple things, and finding it at home will reward you greatly in your life.

Aquarius South Node: Release the need to always to be in large groups of people.  Finding joy in solitude is crucial to having a healthy relationship with yourself.  Don’t always worry about pleasing others, but remember to do things for yourself too!  Release the need to always be right, even though you are smarter than most.  No one likes a “know it all”.

Leo North Node: Embrace your bright self-expression, and don’t be afraid to collaborate YOUR ideas with other intellectuals.  Start being a leader and not a follower.  Using your feelings instead of your intellect all of the time will lead you down great paths in life.  Your heart is made out of pure gold after all.

Pisces South Node: You must release your false views of the world.  Looking through rose colored glasses is not always the answer to your problems.  Living life scattered with no plans will not bring out the best in your personality.  By not paying attention to detail you can be easily charmed into things you may not want to do.

Virgo North Node: Start solving problems in your life with facts.  Get good routines going on in your life that cause you to be productive.  Support individuals by paying attention to details, and support yourself by reading the fine print of every situation.


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