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Sex with a Capricorn may not be riveting the very first night you two do the deed, but that is only because this woman takes time to really open up. The longer you get to know her the better and better it will get. She is very demanding in the bedroom, so get used to it or get out. If you stick around, her challenges will bring you to a sexual state you never knew you could reach with someone. It is tough, yet rewarding in every sense. Her ruling planet Saturn is all about hard work, and then reaping the rewards; she is sexually no different. She enjoys being fulfilled over and over again, so if you can help her achieve this feeling, the rewards will be endless.

Yes, this woman is traditional in every aspect of the way, but her stamina and libido is hard to beat. She can go for hours without tiring. The Capricorn woman likes to date and “sleep” up. She likes being with someone that can complete her high level empire. She won’t let feelings get in the way of her road to success, unless she really finds someone to break her strong barriers down. They love security in all aspects; including sex. She needs a strong man, because she is one strong woman.

She is not one to outwardly chase, she likes being chased. Even if she seems cold to you, look for subtle clues that she is interested. This woman is patient in every aspect of the word. Things in her world take time and hard work. She likes having a plan and sure footing before jumping into anything. Even though she may not seem like it, she wants to be swept off her feet. She is a tough one to please sexually, and if you are incompetent you will have to see your way out. This woman is one to know exactly what she wants, and will always find a way to get it.

It may be a month before you get her to laugh, two months for the first kiss, and maybe even longer to make love with her, but I promise it will all be worth it in the end. This woman is always climbing to new heights in her life and sexually. If you can keep up, you will reach the peak with her. You will see that under her hard shell is a youthful, bright, and warm woman that can fulfill your every whim. Be patient.


She will have her guard up high with this guy in bed at first. Deep down she wants him to ravage her, but on the outside she will play it cool. This is because her Saturn is telling her, “don’t listen to your silly passions, they will trick you.” But if she can let go, she will have the time of her life with this fiery man.


When it comes to sex with these two, it is solid.  Taurus is very sensual in bed.  The tangible things are what excites him like how her skin feels, how her hair smells, how her kiss tastes will send him to the moon.  She brings out her sensual side as well, because she won’t be able to help herself.  She requires respect in the bedroom, which he will gladly do for her.  There is a still and silent sexiness about this woman that he can’t stay away from.  Fire signs are too bold, loud, and wild for him.  He prefers his women steady, earthly, slow and sensual like his Capricorn is.  Capricorn women are more able to separate feelings from sex than any other sign.  They are not comfortable with emotions, because it is a way to guard their heart.  Taurus will show her that his love is steady and true.  He will help her combine the physical with her emotions in a way that no one else may be able to do.


Capricorn women have an older soul, and Geminis are youthful and lively. In bed he will bring an element of freshness and fun. This woman will teach him to have rooted, deep, and meaningful sex. She will pull him right down from the clouds into her earthy oneness. She makes him present in the act, when most of the time his mind is wandering.


His need to please her in the sack will make her a happy Cappy. They take their time together very serious. He makes her feel really special and she makes his world feel brighter. Their sex makes the world seem like a more beautiful and deeper place. He quenches her every thirst, and she is always there for him as his rock.


These two are pretty different when it comes to their views on sex. He will most likely be too cold for his warm and sunny disposition. He loves to be the center of attention, and she may not make him feel like he is “the man” in bed. Even though she does not necessarily think that about him, she will smirk at his pompous behavior.   If he can tone it down and if she can warm up, they can make this work.


They will find a lot of peace and beauty in their sex life.  They are powerfully in tuned, and magnetically one with each other in ways only Earth Signs can really understand.  They will only grow closer and stronger the longer they stay together, making themselves an unbreakable bond with one another.  It is not a bond that they go shouting on the rooftops about.  It is rather one of quiet appreciation.  It is as though they have known each other for years even though they have maybe only been together for a short time.  They will start syncing with one another simultaneously.  This will also be applicable for their sex life as well.


When it comes to sex, he may think that she is too reserved for his taste, but he’s wrong.  When this woman is making love it’s powerful, slow, and sensual.  The Libra man will tend to be verbal in bed, he will always let her know how beautiful she are or what feels amazing.  He is not quiet by any means.  She will be able to teach this feathery man how to make love like an Earth sign.  She will take him out of the sky and bring him to the ground, and he will be excited to do it. She must learn from him how to be more verbally expressive.  If they can make these tweaks, all will be well behind closed doors.


She will be intrigued with his intense sexual energy. She may even feel uncomfortable as his eyes penetrate the walls she has built so sturdy around herself. Their sex is clear and uncomplicated. He has a sexual hypnotism over her that should frighten her, but doesn’t. She can let lose sexually and feel comfortable around him. They feel safe and comfortable in each other’s presence.


Sexually there are two big things that they both must be careful of; 1. His tendency to say whatever comes to his mind which will make her emotions freeze. 2. Her want for practical sex. Let me expand on both… When a man is frank in the bedroom instead of thoughtful, it can come off extremely hurtful. Girls don’t want you to tell them that their legs are a prickly like a cactus while you are getting it on! Even if it is said in a joking manner, which with a Sag everything is in a joking manner, we still don’t need to hear it when we are trying to be sexy. As far as practicality, this woman wants sex to feel good, and that is the most important part to her. You have to remember my strong Goat Lady that bringing in your emotions makes it 10 million times better. Sometimes that’s hard for a female Capricorn because she feels like she’s losing her footing, but if you love this man you need to let go. A few more words of advice for him; think before you speak and make this woman feel safe and your sex will be incredible. If this woman is scorned by someone, it takes her longer than most to heal so just be careful. She may act like your words don’t affect her in any way, but they truly do.


One thing this pair will always get right is their intimacy together. They both keep a tight lid on their expression for one another, but they both feel the passion between each other all the way down to their cores. They are able to release their prohibitions and feel free while they are one together. Their sex brings contentment and peace, because they can wholly trust one another.


Sex with these two is different every time. Then again, it is rare when an Aquarian ever does something the same twice. He will make her interested, and sex with him will be like something not of this world; something like a dream. If they can accept each other’s differences, they will be able to achieve sexual harmony. There may be minor adjustments because of his aloofness, but they will adjust quickly.

At first she will be a little shy with her dreamy fish, but he will penetrate her with his magical water qualities in no time. She is very direct when she expresses herself sexually, but he adds a mystical and dream like element to their lovemaking. He will teach her that sex can bring you to other worlds than the one we tangibly live in. They will bring each other different facets of life, and create true depth between each other.

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