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Having sex with this woman is like taking a shot of cinnamon whiskey; it’s sweet and hot, and makes you want to come back for more.  This woman is really bold, but there is something so childlike and naïve about her too.  She goes between being dominate and submissive.  She is the Goddess of war, and will do whatever it takes to win you even if it means going to battle.  If you are looking for a sweet wallflower, you are with the wrong woman.  She is aggressive and knows her worth. 
In bed she will express herself passionately with her body.  She will make any man’s wildest fantasies into red hot reality. An Aries Woman is all about herself which means she has absolutely no problem bringing herself to climax if you don’t do the trick.  She really likes having her way, so if she wants something, she is going to want it right then and there.  Even if that means in public.  Her impulsive side just takes over, and all else is forgotten.  This also tends to mean that foreplay is not at the forefront of her mind.  She wants to get right to the act as soon as possible.  Instant gratification is what she is all about.
The Aries woman is also ferociously independent so if you aren’t doing it right for her, you will be out her door in no time.  You may be surprised in her taste of men, because you would think that she would need a strong, dominant man.  Quite the contrary, her childlike side takes over when picking her mate.  She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  If that thing she wants is you, you will feel her fiery passion soon.  When booty calls start to lose their appeal, she will find someone that fits her needs emotionally and sexually.  Once she finds her mate, she will be extremely jealous with him.  If you want to see an Aries Woman’s fiery temper, flirt with her man.  You will feel like a stick of dynamite just went off.
This woman knows how to please men like no other.  Conservative sex is not how she plays, and she will want to get it on every day.  She is almost like a man trapped in a woman’s body, when she hits the town she wants to score.


Holy heat wave!  There will be a lot of sex between these two.  They both like being in charge which can cause a few problems in the bedroom. They have explosive sex with each other, but she needs to remember that HE is the man.  If she can learn to give up a little of her independence, and let him take control in the bedroom the sky is the limit with these two.  It’s definitely a hot combo.


Sex is a form of release to Aries, and to Taurus a natural function that must be done.  Taurus is slow and sensual, while Aries is fast and fiery.  They have to meet somewhere in the middle for this to work.  If they can find a middle ground, she will have him on his knees begging for more of her expressive and fun lovemaking.


These two will probably meet at some wild party, and the fun will begin.  They feel liberated around one another, which creates friendship in their relationship.  Gemini can create illusions of excitement for the Aries.  Role playing will be something they enjoy doing together that creates excitement for the Aries, and variety for the Gemini.  Their lovemaking is colorful!


Cancer knows how to make Aries feel really special.  She feels awkwardly safer with him than most men.  Their attraction won’t be instant, but rather something that is discovered over time.  Cancers are a lot more emotional about sex than Aries are though.  There is something fresh and innocent about sex with an Aries, where Cancer tends to be a lot more deep and sensitive about the act.  Aries will have to wait out the Cancer’s moodiness if she wants to be with them.


There is a lot of passion in this combo!  They may even experience lust at first sight.  Aries loves sex with a Leo so much that they won’t even want to believe they have been with anyone else.  They create fireworks in the bedroom by mixing their hot auras.  He will love being at the center of her attention, and she will love his alpha male personality that can compete with hers.


There is something strange that will tie their lovemaking together.  They find each other so strange that they can’t pass up discovering one another.  He will learn a lot of tricks in bed from this wild one.  Virgo loves Aries’ enthusiasm and spontaneity, because they do not possess those traits themselves.  Aries may be disappointed at first, but stick around because Virgo has a lot to offer you may not be expecting.


Libra loves romance, and Aries loves to be romanced.  She will be aggressive with him in what she wants.  They may get into a few verbal battles, but they will make up for it in the bedroom.  Libra’s love is light and airy, but Aries will heat things up really quick.  After their sex they will love long conversations, especially if it is about themselves.


Sex with these two is provocative, almost as though these two are creating a porno.  Things are really hot and heavy with this pairing.  Don’t get it wrong though, Scorpios passions in the bedroom are pure even though they may seem a little dark.  Don’t try to seduce a Scorpio in public, they are private.  With Aries heat and Scorpio’s passion, they can create some really steamy sex.  Sometimes things can get a little complicated with these two, and it will have to be something they both work on.


Sex with these two Fire Signs is automatic.  With each other, they will try things in bed neither of them have ever experienced before.  They are both into pleasing one another physically.  Sagittarius will like telling Aries what they want, and Aries will like giving it to him. Then they will switch.  Their bedroom activities are fun and fiery.


Capricorns control their urges a lot more than an Aries can.  Aries is most likely going to have to initiate sex between them all the time.  Hopefully Capricorn can loosen up in bed with Aries for this to work out.  If they don’t work things out, things can become very dramatic and not even Aries hot fire will be able to melt Capricorns cool exterior.


Aquarius won’t know what hit them when having sex with an Aries, but they will like it.  The first kiss will leave Aquarius’ head spinning.  Once Aquarius finds their feet again, they will come back with a strong force making sex great with these two.  Aquarius is a little out there, and will love Aries enthusiasm to try new things sexually.  One thing he should never try is a threesome, or even ask about it.  She will NOT appreciate that.


These two can be explosive in the bedroom, as well as cool and calm.  There is a deepness of Pisces that Aries will never understand, but will like to be around.  Intensity is important to both of them in matters of sex.  At times he may be a little too sweet for her spicy taste.  There will be nights when she wants it all night, and he will just want to snuggle.  Compromise is key.



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