Aries Woman – Capricorn Man

aries, capricorn

Aries Woman – Capricorn Man

aries, capricorn

Aries women always have something to show everyone.  She never wants to leave anyone out in the cold and alone, and she sure does love a good challenge.  So when she meets the lone wolf that is the Capricorn Man, she will want to engulf him in her warm presence.  She usually has enough charm to talk anyone into anything, and she usually has people loving her within seconds, but with him it is different.  It is as though he barely even notices her, but one thing that the Aries Woman should know now, is there isn’t much that he doesn’t notice.  He is just not giving you what everyone else gives you; what you want.

Because of this initial first encounter, this pairing does not always make it past those initial first meetings or dates.  The Aries girl doesn’t really have time for games you see, you are either in or you are out.  But if she can possibly find it in herself to slow down, and move at the same pace as this earthly Capricorn Man, they may both learn a lot from each other that they would not with anyone else.  Yes, he is shy, but he doesn’t need you to be aggressive with him.  He needs you to just stick around for a while so he can wrap his level head around you.

When it comes to sex, Capricorns control their urges a lot more than an Aries can.  Aries are more likely going to have to initiate sex between them.  Hopefully Capricorn can loosen up in bed with Aries for this to work out.  He needs to learn to give in to her, and to stop being so controlled.  Sex isn’t something that should be planned or precise, it should be passionate and random.  If they don’t work things out, things can become very dramatic and not even Aries hot fire will be able to melt Capricorns cool exterior.   One thing she can do to ease this tension is to make him feel secure.  Yes, he may seem like the most secure guy you have ever met, but he is longing to feel safe.  He gets worried that if he lets his walls down too soon that a beautiful fiery love may take a piece of his heart he may never get back.  To get a piece of any Capricorn’s heart is precious, so take that into consideration when entering into this.

This relationship is not necessarily an easy one, but let’s be honest, everyone has their problems.  When angry with one another, they need to remember the reason they got past the hump of commitment that all of the other Aries Capricorn combos did not.  He will love her spunk, her optimism, and even her impulsiveness interests him.  She will love his strength, his quiet understanding, and his consistency that she has been needing.  She may be the “child” in their relationship, but as I have mentioned before, Capricorns grow more youthful in their older years.  So if they stick around in each other’s life, they will find each other halfway.  

The Capricorn Man’s natural motive in life is to climb, and the Aries Woman knows that the view is always better from the topYes, there will be rough roads ahead, but you can’t reach the peak of a mountain to see the view without going off the beaten path.  Hold hands, pack understanding and some “I’m sorry”s for the trip, because if any two signs know how to hike, it is the Goat and the Ram.

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